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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

election congrats!

Though you wouldn't know if by reading this blog, Monday, October 15 was a day of Municipal Election Days across Alberta. There are three successful candidates who ran in races in towns and cities across Alberta that I would like to congratulate.

In the Town of Drumheller, Andrew Berdahl was elected after placing a strong second in a race for six seats. This is Andrew's first-term on Drumheller's Town Council. Andrew is a younger guy and will bring some fresh perspective to Drumheller Town Council. Congrats and Good Luck!

In the City of St. Albert, former Alderman Nolan Crouse did St. Albertans a favour by keeping two-time former Mayor Richard Plain out of the Mayor's chair. I first met Mayor-elect Crouse last fall while I was part of the team advocating and lobbying for the Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) for University of Alberta students in St. Albert (Don Iveson was a key player on our team). Though we didn't agree on everything regarding the program, I respected his common-sense stance (Crouse voted in favour of the U-Pass). Congrats!

In the north western Alberta City of Grande Prairie, Alderman Bill Given was re-elected to City Council by placing a strong first-place in a race for eight seats. Bill is one of the few Municipal representatives in Alberta to reach out in to the world of blogging and online communications. Congrats!

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Bill Given said...

Thanks Dave - props to you and Don's whole Campaign team! It's good to see some younger faces popping up on councils across the province.

BTW: in the article above where you link to the Journal it's going to the last page. Threw me for a sec...