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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ed stelmach gives ed stelmach top marks.

Ed Stelmach has given Ed Stelmach top marks for Ed Stelmach's first year as Premier of Alberta.


Anonymous said...

Ed Stelmach, just as useless as Stephane Dion.

Anonymous said...

I sit on a PC board of directors.

My MLA is a friend of mine in who hails from a relatively safe rural riding.

I plan on voting Alliance, Wildrose, or Socred. Maybe even Liberal. So do a few more on the board. And my MLA knows this.

Really, anything to get the chain of events moving that will help to get rid of Ed Stelmach.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9:29,

If you feel so strongly, why not speak out, rather than slinking and plotting in the shadows?

I can appreciate opposing views (which is why I read daveberta's blog), but not from some coward who pretends to support in public only to plot in private.

If you want a lesson on why such plots are ultimately self-destructive, one need look no further than the federal Liberals. The Martin-Chretien feud destroyed a powerful party, and it would appear they are set on doing a repeat performance with Dion.

Anonymous said...

I might also add that for someone who claims to be a PC supporter (and board member) it is awfully curious that of all boards to post on, you post on the most avowed supporter of the Opposition and not some PC-oriented blog.

Matt Grant said...

Why is it, Dave, that everybody who posts on your blog does so anonymously?

Niles said...

I give full kudos to Fast Eddy for not blinking once while delivering that entirely fair and balanced report card of how well his government is doing.

It takes a lot of natural talent to be that unself-aware. I can only wonder at the performance bonuses handed out in the wake of the great grade.

Wish I could grade myself as well.

Allie Wojtaszek said...

"anonymous 9:29" is obviously not a PC Member. Liberals are getting so desperate that they now have to pretend to be us.

Give me a break. If you'd like to see pathetic go read the end of session report from the Liberal party. I know they depend a lot on volunteers - but heck, I think they need to pay someone to write their communications at least.

Anonymous said...

Allie: How sanctimonious. I'm sure all the PC party advertisements are paid for by grassroots supporters right? Not every party in Alberta has access to the PAB for its propaganda production. It's baffling how you can ignore that side of it. It's actually also baffling how young people like yourself can so unquestioningly support a party that his been in power since before you were born.

Anonymous said...

I'd give myself an +++A as well!