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Thursday, December 06, 2007

radio killed the video star.

Since returning to Alberta after spending most of my summer in Quebec, I have found myself near-completely obsessed with American public radio.

With the exception of the tales of Jeb Bartlett's West Wing, William Adama's Battlestar, and certain Robot Chickens I have near completely severed any regular connection that I have the television entertainment world.

Having been a loyal listener of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation since shortly after leaving the womb, I had always believed that Mother Corp was the last bastion of great public radio. But since discovering the great stories that shows from the likes of WBEZ Chicago Public Radio and New York Public Radio have to offer me (check out This American Life and Radio Lab) I am finding myself listening to these podcasts more often than our very own CBC...

Though CBC radio shows of the likes of Ideas, the Current, As it Happens, and Dispatches continue to hold special places in my heart and my listening repertoire (and can all be downloaded), I find myself driven to continue to explore what the amazing public radio south of the 49th has to offer!


Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Yeah, NPR and the U.S. postal service are what I miss most. It (the former, natch) is like a little bastion of level-headed centre-left goodness against the cruel, cruel world.

Oh, and if you haven't discovered "On the Media" yet: run, don't walk. It's wonderful. Which ones have you been listening to?

Nastyboy said...

Did you get the recipe for Schweaty Balls?

Too obscure?

Mona said...
the progressive minute over at the progressive magazine -
rabble radio
and of course :)