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Thursday, January 17, 2008

alberta online poll results.

In other news, yesterday's 630 CHED online poll asked readers and listers who they were going to vote for in the next Alberta provincial election... it may be just an online poll, but here are the results...

Liberal 42.62%
PC 41.46%
NDP 4.69%
Other 11.21%


Anonymous said...

I guess they should have prevented your IP address from casting more than one vote eh Dave?

I'm not saying it was *all* you. No doubt Kevin Taft cast a few thousand votes as well.


Anonymous said...

That and people like Craig Chandler who are actually working and making money for a living tend to vote conservative and they hardly have time for unscientific polls such as that.

burlivespipe said...

Or some CON supporters are too busy hiding and whinning about 'the other guys' and 'that darn liberal media' to come out of their hidey holes to mix with real people or vote in push-n-pull polls.
You CONs are comical...
Now that Ed's said 'There's nothing wrong with massive water useage and pollution as a trade-off for profits' I'm sure you've all gone out and bought stock in adult diapers.

Anonymous said...

I did a fantastic job today finishing my muffin.

Enlightened Savage said...

Being a 630 CHED poll, and assuming most of the respondents are from Edmonton, it might behoove us to look at the parties' Edmonton-area results in 2004 (CHED results in brackets):

Liberal 40.3% (up 2.3%)
PC 31.5% (up 9.94%)
NDP 22.0% (down 17.31%)
Other 6.2% (up 5.01%)

So, unscientific though it may be... it seems that the Tories are making the biggest gains in Capital City, with the ND's in a free-fall. Where's the much-ballyhoo'd royalty backlash?

I must admit... I am quite surprised at these results. I expected them to be much worse for the Tories. If a scientific poll comes out with numbers anywhere close to this, it'll be absolutely shocking.

Anonymous said...

This poll shows that very few New Democrats waste their time listening to 630 CHED. Run a poll through CBC, CKUA, or CJSR and watch the ND's be at 40% and Cons at 5%.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes stock in a web poll shows that they're absolutely clueless.

I'm not directing this at you, Dave, because I know you know better, but at "Enlightened Savage", who is salivating over something with absolutely zero real meaning.

Anonymous said...

My prediction:

PC: 44%
Lib: 36%
ND: 8%
Other: 12%

I think the wild rose/alliance/green vote could play a big role in Calgary and rural alberta.

Anonymous said...

The ridings in Calgary that will go Liberal are:

Calgary-Mountain View
Calgary-Varsity (close though)
Calgary-North Hill



All other ones will stay PC, some with reduced margins. The fringe vote gets next to nothing in Calgary.

Enlightened Savage said...

cooler heads:

Thank-you for making my point for me. As I said, the results are highly unexpected, and likely also very far removed from the reality of the popular support each party can realistically expect in Edmonton. 5% for the NDP, from 22%? What, did Mason buy the Flames? :)

If a scientific poll were to come out with the same numbers, it would be news. An on-line poll from a talk radio station? Hardly the stuff of salivation... my entire point was to put the poll into context.

Anonymous said...

And if CHED listeners are voting Liberal, then you know the tide is turning....

Anonymous said...

Fran in Medicine Hat Comments: I would bet on Craig Chandler in Calgary Elbow and add the following to potential wins for Taft's Liberals in Calgary.
Calgary Foothills, Mike Robinson (Retired Glenbow Museum CEO); Calgary Edgmont, Cathie Williams; Calgary North-Hill, Pat Murray...It's early days, but a dozen Liberal seats in Calgary alone is VERY possible. And judging from the Premier's lack of focus and rush to "boost his record" in these last two weeks before an expected dropping of the Writ, I think this will be a sea changing Provincial Election. Ed is acting skittish, all over the place on message, chewing off WAY MORE than he can chew and complicating the entire PC pre-Writ campaign. His chances in many areas in the Province to inspire the good-old PC Klein supporters to become engaged and get out to vote for Ed will be the biggest hurdle. Yes, the have piles of cash, but in urban and the ruban (small city/rural) constituencies, the Stelmach coat tails have been dramatically shrunk from the Klein era. I have many old-time PC supporters who have expressed their disengagement, they did not attend the last PC Policy Convention, have not been attending any meetings (have yet to find a card carrying PC member in our Constituency who even got a notice of Rob Renner's Nomination Meeting whenever that was). Some may drift to the Wildrose-Alliance, a number will vote Liberal, but as of now, it feels like a entire contingent of PC foot soldiers will simply sit thisn election out. Stelmach is running out of time to get his act together!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I am appalled at how people vote. It is no wonder that there are so many people out there that don't care to vote or beleive that voting doesn't make a difference. No wonder people say what's the point or that nothing will ever change. People like you who believe in a principle instead of the reality of your party and candidates don't have the guts to make those changes and realize WHO will make the difference. It is not just a party, it is the people within that party and how they represent that party. It is obvious that the people that do so here in Alberta for the PC and the Liberals are no different and are not representative of what they say they stand for. Look at what has become of THE richest province in Canada. And you can't tell me there isn't a problem. WE have the lowest unemployed rate in all of Canada, we have people who can't afford to pay their mortgages, we have 10 hour waiting times in our hospitals, and tuition for students have tripled!! Now you say that these are the common things people preach, well...the unfortunate thing is it's the truth. WHY are we ignoring these facts and still think that the same government that has controlled the majority of seats in this province for the last 36 YEARS!! should still be there... AND... that the one's that do the same things they do should be the one's to replace them!!! I come from Manitoba... so I have no roots here, but I can see why Alberta doesn't keep a budget and has millions and billions to waste and not get what they deserve from the oilsands.
I used to be a PC follower. But then I've seen what the PCs have done to this potentially prosperous province and I am sick to my stomache!!
In my constituency my rights were violated by a pompous MLA PC candidate that found it was HIS right to put a sign on my lawn without my permission!! And did so for a few other people I know in my area. What does that say for the morals and intergrity of this candidate that YOU say should be representing ME and my rights in legislature!! THINK people THINK!!!!!