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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

building schools where children live.

- An Alberta provincial general election call is expected within days - a February 4 or 5 writ drop following the Speech from the Thone is what most pundits are pointing towards. In preparation for the 2008 Alberta Election, I am planning to highlight and profile (as well as make some bold predictions) some of the 'hot races' in constituencies across Alberta. I'm making a list of 'hot races' to cover, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, shoot me an email at

- Calgary Grit has a good run down on Ed Stelmach's 20-year capital plan which commits to continue projects that are already under construction and to build schools where children live (rather than where they don't live...).

- Alberta Liberal Leader Kevin Taft was in Ontario yesterday speaking to the Economic Club of Toronto about his plan to transform Alberta into a Western Economic Tiger and how other provinces can take part of Alberta's oil-boom wealth. Taft announced the Alberta Liberal plan to replace natural gas rebates with incentives to encourage energy efficiency. Providing incentives for energy efficiency is smart long-term strategy, but the optics of announcing the replacement of natural gas rebates while it's -54C outside might not make fans of short-term thinkers.

Kevin Taft will be delivering his Alternate Speech to the Throne tomorrow night on the University of Alberta campus.

- Today's Edmonton Journal editorial has an interesting take on Ed Stelmach's bizarre posturing at the recent Premier's Conference in Vancouver and asks the question: "Would the real Ed Stelmach please stand up?" Perhaps someone really did misappropriate Premier Stelmach's personality...

- Coming soon... an fiasco update...


Anonymous said...

It looks like the NDP have rolled out a new look to their party's website.

Anonymous said...

to Anon. Yes they did. To daveberta, it's easier to navigate than the Liberal one.