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Thursday, January 10, 2008 the daveberta conspiracy.

I don't think you really become a 'someone' in Alberta politics until an Edmonton Sun columnist accuses you of being part of an organized conspiracy.

Similar to the vast left-wing conspiracy behind the youthful non-partisan well-organized campaign machine of now-Ward 5 Edmonton City Councillor Don Iveson, I've been accused of being part of a conspiracy by Sun columnist Neil Waugh.

Well, Neil, you called a spade a spade and caught me red handed. I am part of a vast conspiracy. In fact, I've been a full participant in many vast conspiracies in my years. Here's a list to get you started on your next column...

- The Global Warming Conspiracy
- The Watergate Conspiracy
- The Apollo Moon landing hoax
- The Black Helicopter Conspiracy
- The assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdiniand
- The Reptilian Humanoid Conspiracy
- The Roswell UFO Conspiracy

I'm also a member of the Bohemian Club and Skull & Bones, and am the sinister mastermind behind New Coke.


Anonymous said...

HAHA! Don't forget Jimmy Hoffa!

Anonymous said...

You're clearly part of the vast right-wing conspiracy!

Hillary's out to get you!!!

Zorpheous said...

Oh sweet jebus, that columnists is a complete retard. Did he even call you and talk to you Dave, cause it sure doesn't sound like he did. What a complete fucking knob.

Zorpheous said...

Hey Dave, I just figured out a solution for you. Find another Ed Stelmech who lives in Canada and ask him if you can transfer the domain to him (make sure he is a liberal) then ask the new owner if you could poin the domain back to your site or just dead end it.

Ed Stelmech case falls a part, end of story

The Alberta Report Editorial Collective said...

don't worry, dave. I am not sure Neil Waugh knows what all this world-wide-internets stuff actually is.

Anonymous said...

Dave: You have got to replace the somewhat lame "alberta politics and other assorted goodies" tag on your blog with "not just some obscure fat frat boy with a sticky-up haircut ." Waugh's complement(?)deserves to be highlighted on your blog, if not your resume.

Anonymous said...

I've read through Mr. Waugh's column. As painfully ignorant as it was (as always with him), I fail to see where he reffered to you as being part of a "conspiracy".

He merely made the case, which few media outlets have, that you were an employee of the Alberta Liberal Party during some of the time in question. And it's reasonable to assume you did all of this from a pro-Liberal standpoint. (duh!)

For you to start screaming about "conspiracy theories" and linking such stupidity as faked moon landings and Roswell shows a limited ability to defend yourself from the reality of your political associations.

You would prefer that people didn't point out your partisan nature when you're in "attack Ed" mode, because that makes the Alberta Liberal Party look like a bunch of attack ad hacks.

Which they are.

No conspiracies... just the truth.

ACI said...

Belligerence is unbecoming of good journalism. But perhaps that is asking too much.

Toby said...

Man Dave, there is so much I loved about this article, that I must enumerate:

1. You clearly delayed this story of a letter written wayyyyyy back on December 3

2. Neil's superior sleuthing skills determined you may be a Liberal

3. You are fat (with a sticky-up haircut)

4. would only be "slightly connected" to Ed Stelmach

5. You "hide behind the anonymity of a computer screen." That must mean daveberta is not "slightly connected" to Dave.

6. The Liberal party isn't about to "stop" you

Ryan said...

Wow, Dave. I had always thought that the Sun has had much more of a conspiratorial slant to it than your blog.

Guess I'm mistaken, if this juvenile, name-calling Sun article by Neil Waugh is any indication.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this story reading news headlines but it occurs to me that when www. started becoming mainstream, many smart people went out and purcased famous sports identities (and other famous people's) name domain ie. Michael Jordan .com and then looked to see if they would buy it back.....there was never mention of law suits or their politcal associations? I always thought those people were brilliant! Maybe premier ED needs some young smarter dinosaurs on his team?
Don't know much about this issue just thought it was pretty funny.
Ontario Jeff

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, Global news is reporting that your former employment for the Alberta Liberals is a ' development...' I guess no one at Global has ever read your blog or any other media in the past couple days because they all mention that.

Keep up the good work Dave!

Anonymous said...

Not only is that a bad argument but it's even badly written article.

Anonymous said...

I'd be proud to be part of a conspiracy if it meant that I was associated with Don Iveson. He's a class act guy.

Unknown said...

The only difference between Waugh and Daveberta is that Waugh's blog is published in a newspaper. Waugh needs to get off his high horse and realize that blogging is the commentary of the future. Maybe the tone of his article indicates he's afraid his job is going the way of the dinosaurs!

Anonymous said...

See, I teach at a College, and I find that most of the frat boys (although we don't really have frats, we certainly have the type) with the sticky-up haircuts are not at all fat. More gym rats, really.

More evidence that Neil Waugh is in fact writing from another planet.

Unknown said...

Hmmm, Me thinks Ed does protest too much.

That's Ed Wehrmacht!

Along with Neil wha wha, baby boy.

Conservatives sure are an angry lot aren't they?

So, has that law firm ever done any work for the current govt.? Any political connect there??

Can they spell "conflict of interest"?

If so, they should, "Govern themselves accordionly", like with accordions.

You know, like watching your step, to a good polka!

Good for you Dave stick to your guns!

Did Tyler ss Shandro know he should have cc'd the entire www too?

Hmmmer. Things that make ya go, hmmm?