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Friday, January 11, 2008 governing myself accordingly. day 4.

A bit of a media update...


Robert McBean. said...

Dave, there were some letters to the editor in the Calgary Herald this morning. Quite funny if you havent sent them.

Robert McBean. said...

grrr "Seen them" not "Sent them"

Psychols said...


I'm no conservative. Indeed, I donate to federal and Alberta Liberals. I allow Liberal signs on my Calgary front lawn during elections and tolerate the inevitable pranks.

Let me say then, as someone who supports your political view, that I'm afraid this will backfire. You won't end up looking like David Cournoyer vs. the Stelmach Goliath. At best you will come across as a silly college boy prankster. At worst you will come across as a Liberal hack who will stoop to stupidity for partisan gain.

As an Albertan, I will add that I don't want our Premier wasting time calling people and asking them to stop registering his name.

Finally, as an ex-blogger, let me say that another Alberta blogger who has hijacked names is none other than Richard Evans. If you are familiar with Mr. Evans you probably realize that he is not exactly the type of person you are likely to emulate.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about it. Dave will be OK.

Ed and his "team" blew it and they've probably had a meeting or two about this. I bet Ed raised his voice ;)

I encourage some to track the Ed spending closely. This is a personal fight by the Ed.

Not to be paid for by the taxpayer!

Who is this Evans character and what's his story?

Hmmmer. Things that make you go hmmm?

Anonymous said...

I am a conservative, and well, you snooze you lose Eddy..
If the courts give in to Ed and his ego, it will effectively devalue domain names, I can't believe he actually thinks he has some kind of first rights to it. Owned by the internet Eddy, please vacate the premiers office before you force every conservative to vote NDP.

Anonymous said...

What do all these domains have in common. They're not owned by the respective politicians.

The site was even setup as an attack ad officially authorized by the PC Party during the last election.

Further, to CIRA's policies and legitimate interests, providing the following quote from cbc is accurate -- I think ol Ed made your case for you.

"The premier said it's an ownership issue and he believes Cournoyer, who used to work for Alberta's Opposition Liberals, bought the domain for political reasons."

Anonymous said...


Firestarter5 said...

Tell them you'll be glad to give up the name in return for not having to pay income tax again. Ever.

Jaron said...
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Jaron said...

He got your non sticky-up haircut right!

I'm not sure how many of us bloggers will ever become fodder for political cartooning, but big props for being one of the first (i've ever seen).

Anonymous said...

Lighten up and get a sense of humor, Ed. You completely bungled the pooch on this one, let it go. Let it go.

Leif Baradoy said...

I think Albertans should make a big deal about Ed's blunder to give him a better understanding about exactly how powerful and important the internet is. Does Ed's actions here characterize his government?

All the best,