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Monday, February 04, 2008

alberta election 2008 - march 3?

Here is probably what will be the last pre-election rundown...

- The Edmonton Journal is reporting that Tory Leader Ed Stelmach will lead his 37-year-old Progressive Conservative government to a March 3rd General Election.

- The list of 2008 Alberta Election candidates has been updated. If I'm missing any candidates or website links, feel free to post them in the comment section and I'll add the links.

- Speaking of change, the recent results of a recent poll asking readers

"After 37 years of Tory governments, is it time for a change?"

Yes - 61%
No - 34%
Undecided - 3%

- At 7% in the polls, ND Leader Brian Mason is arguing that he is leading the most relevant party in Alberta as he continues to focus his verbal attacks on the Alberta Liberals rather then the 37-year-old Tory government. With a 1% and 3% showing in the Drumheller-Stettler and Calgary-Elbow by-elections this summer, Mason may be waiting a while is he's looking to catch a ride on a big orange wave across the province.

- Edmonton-Glenora: Arlene Chapman has replaced Brian Fleck as the ND candidate in this constituency after Fleck dropped out of the race. Chapman will face Alberta Liberal MLA Bruce Miller and Tory candidate Heather Klimchuk in a constituency that generated one of the hottest races in 2004. But by showing up this late in the race, it could be difficult for Chapman to make her mark in this race.

- Edmonton-Strathcona: Tory candidate Hughena Gagne has reportedly dropped out of the race, leaving the Stelmach Tories candidate-less on the eve of an election call. Strathcona is being contested by Alberta Liberal Tim Vant, ND Rachel Notley, and Green Adrian Cole.


Anonymous said...

If Brian Mason really didn't matter, you wouldn't mention him now would you Dave? You'd pay him the same attention you pay the SoCred leader.

You're afraid. That's ok. If Dr. Taft was leading my party into the exact same campaign he failed with last time, I would be afraid too.

The NDP are coming on strong. People want something different, not just the Liberal's version of Tory-lite. Brian Mason and his NDP team give people a chance to vote for real change.

Anonymous said...

Edm-Glenora will stay Liberal, and I think Edm-Strathcona will stay with the NDP.

The NDP won't pick up any more seats, however. If they pick up from the Liberals, it helps the Tories. How's that for "real change"?

I'm not saying an NDP vote is a wasted vote, need only watch Stelmach & co praising the NDP in the Legislature this spring. The PCs and the NDs seem to subscribe to the mantra that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

Unfortunately, that doesn't help Alberta. Of the three main parties, the Liberals seem to be the only ones interested in a change in government.

calgarygrit said...

There's an argument to be made for voting NDP in one of the 4-6 Edmonton ridings they could actually win but everywhere else, it's no better than staying home.

The best chance for the NDP to have power is in a minority government and Alberta will only get a minority if the Liberals (and Wild Alliance) win some seats.

What was Jack Layton's line about "lend me your vote?".

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with insulting 37 year olds? wow, are the Liberals only going after the under 37 vote now? seems like a risky strategy, let's see how it works for them...

John Murney said...

Hopefully Albertans will come to their senses and elect a Liberal Government. From what I gather, Alberta is long overdue for a change.

Duncan said...

Umm... if 51% want change, 34% don't and 3% aren't sure, what do the remaining 12% want?

daveberta said...

Change, apparently. It was 61% rather than 51%...

Alberta Report Editorial Collective said...

Got a funny bit of news in the Lac La Biche riding today… seems that the original Liberal candidate, Elmer Jules Half, had some issues with bringing stuff he shouldn't be into the prison where he works...

Here's the Sun story...

Anyway, by the looks of the site below - he is at least half-removed at the moment... I guess the local papers are running something about it, anyway.

So... I don't know what the Sun spin will be, but why does the Liberal message of 'change' just seem to refer to quickly changing candidates when they are caught in an impropriety?

And is the new guy clean? I swear… the Libs can shed candidates like they would dirty shirts, but each new one they put on seems to have the same smell…

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Mason either. By focussing on the Liberals, it's like he's saying "we are the Opposition in waiting!"

Shouldn't he be aiming higher?

Anonymous said...

The Peace Wapiti School Board has passed a notice of motion for closure of the Valhalla Elementary School. Being the government is presently tied up with the election, the school board has left us no time or resources for us to lobby the government to make the changes necessary to allow our school to stay open. Without our school our rural community will have a difficult time attracting young families, continuing to grow, thereby decreasing our property value and significantly impacting our quality of life. Why on earth when Alberta is the richest province in this country would there be a need to close schools?

The Valhalla school does not qualify for "Small School of Necessity Status", even though the neighboring schools are at, or over capacity.

The neighboring LaGlace school will be over capacity next year assuming no community growth.

The neighboring Hythe school (which is presently under construction as a K-9 school which will not be ready until 2009/10, maybe) Therefore the school will be physically over full capacity when it opens.

The PWSB has a contract with the HorseLake Native reserve to educate their children. An estimated 120 First Nations children attend the Hythe elementary school alone. Because of the provincial government policy these First Nations children are not calculated in the enrollment of the Hythe school. Therefore although the school is physically full, they are technically not, leaving the Valhalla school NOT qualifying as a small school of necessity. PWSB is penalized with the $87,000 clawback for keeping Valhalla open without that status.
The Department of Education has stated that these First Nations students would need to be bussed somewhere else to make room for the Valhalla students, if the closure is successful. None of the neighboring schools within a reasonable distance have any space for this extra enrollment

The Valhalla school (K-6) will have an increase in enrolment of 22% next year. Unfortunately with the Alberta government policy of not counting the First Nations students in their enrollment, we could have a 150% increase, be over capacity and STILL NOT qualify as a small school of necessity.

The PWSB is attempting to close the Valhalla school based on a technicality that will lead to all the children being taught in an extremely overcrowded, and consequently stressful environment. In addition, the Hythe building project will not be finished for next year.

With the booming economy in Alberta it seems completely inappropriate to be closing down schools anywhere. This area is growing with young families who will need a place to educate their children. Where better to be educated than in your own community? If the move to close the Valhalla school is successful it will be devastating to our community. Our quality of life will be drastically negatively impacted with the dismantling of our rural community and loss of property value.

It is unfortunate that the PWSB decided to make this motion during an election leaving us no option but to lobby all the provincial candidates for support as we have no minister of education, rural development, or native issues to approach.

Even more fishy is the school board trustee that represents Valhalla has made NO attemt to help us. She is a business owner in Hythe and the forced growth of that town will benefit her grately...coincidence...I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

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