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Monday, February 25, 2008

ed stelmach and the global zombie war.

Here's a bit of a look around the start of the last week of Alberta's 2008 provincial election campaign...

- Hey, Ed! You say Kevin Taft's environmental plan will cost Alberta 300,000 jobs. Where'd ya get your numbers? Kim Trynacity would like to know (Rumour has it that Ed's source also thinks that Taft's environmental plan will cause the breakdown of civilization and ignite a global zombie war).

- What would Preston think? Former Reform Party communications guru Ron Wood fires off a letter of support to the Alberta Liberals.

- Ed Stelmach pulls out the Ken Lay card in the final week of the campaign, but a Tory insider thinks Stelmach is playing from the wrong deck:

"Taft is not the problem -- it's the 18 per cent undecided that's the problem," the Conservative said. "They've got to be running a campaign in the final week to get the undecided off the couch."

"Now that you have their undivided attention, start talking about your campaign, your candidates and what you will do. Don't send out bulletins obsessing about Taft."

- Some are more equal than others. Why are rural Albertans worth more than city folk?

- Keep it classy, folks. Aman Gill, Alberta Liberal candidate in Edmonton-Mill Creek, is the target of racist vandalism.

- Calgary-Egmont is the "Baskin Robbins of the Conservative Party."


Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited Dave.

Anonymous said...


It is not just in Edmonton where some people have lost there class - and sense of democracy.

Some Calgary conservatives burned down my election sign on Saturday, destroying part of my fence. At least, I strongly suspect it was not supporters of the NDP, Liberal, Green or Social Credit parties. That narrows down the suspects to supporters of the two other parties. My neighbourhood is littered with PC signs.

I believe the behaviour does fit with the attitude and values expressed by the likes of Craig Chandler. Centrist as I am, it is still shocking to discover this extremism is more pervasive in Albertan culture than one misguided individual.

Edmonton Liberal candidate Aman Gill's campaign sign was defaced with a racist comment and adolescent drawings on the same day my sign and fence were burned. Is this the conservative Albertan interpretation of democracy?

While these incidents remain a far cry from the right-wing political activities in some other countries, defacing and burning election signs and personal property is fairly radical extremism for Canada. Moreover, it seems to me it is in the same ballpark as the practice of maintaining close ties with returning officers.

We need a more moderate political culture in this province to restore democracy. A video blog can promote moderation and reduce extremism. If Ed does remain the PC leader (premier or not), a catchy video domain will assist in the critique of Ed's and the PC's performance.

I am donating use of the domain to's Eddie Tube for the indefinite future. The URL is pointed there. Please see if you can link to it in a few places to bring the hits up as fast as possible.

I know the CIRA rules and the domain use complies with political commentary guidelines. Moreover, if the conservatives really don't like it, Ed's lawyers will need to prove probable criminal activity to the FBI to ID me. :)


Burned By UnAlbertan Values

Nastyboy said...

During every election there is sign vandalism commited against all parties. Idiots come in all politica; persuasions.

btw, great link to World War Z. That book and How to Survive a Zombie Attack has taught me everything I need to survive the coming apocalypse.