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Sunday, March 16, 2008

no more credit at the university of alberta.

An average of 18,000 University of Alberta students use credit cards to pay their tuition and fees.

The University of Alberta administration has decided to no longer accept payments by credit card.

(See the 2,400 member facebook group for more info)


Anonymous said...


I've used a credit card to pay for my tuition as a last resort (i.e. after not being approved for a student loan, working two jobs during the summer to save for school, working during the school year, etc.). I also don't collect Air Miles, so your argument is moot to me (and may other individuals I'm sure).

Anonymous said...

I have also paid my tuition through credit card, and I do so to get airmiles. Why shouldn't I be able to get a little something back, with our educations costing so much.

I'm a student, and I have a $4500 limit. We are out there. If you are jealous that I can get a high limit, perhaps you shouldn't have taken fine arts.