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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

dear rahim jaffer, mp edmonton-strathcona.

Above is a pamphlet mailed out by my MP, and below is a letter signed and sent by my house mate and I to Rahim Jaffer, the Edmonton-Strathcona Member of Parliament in question.

Rahim Jaffer, M.P.
7516 Gateway Blvd.
Edmonton, AB T6E 6E8

April 6, 2008

Dear Mr. Jaffer,

On April 4, 2008, we received a pamphlet from your office featuring a
graphic of Jack Layton's giant floating head and a hopelessly out of
scale CN Tower. We were somewhat puzzled as to why our
Conservative MP would be advertizing for the NDP until we noticed the
text, "NDP Opposition: Selling Out Hard-Working Alberta Families."

As these types of pamphlets seem to be the only type of
correspondence that we receive from your office, we can only assume
that your full-time job as a member of the governing party is not to
govern, but to attack the opposition (which already finds itself in a
weakened position without your help).

As two constituents and voters in Edmonton-Strathcona, we would
much rather see you earn your re-election through hard work rather
than American-style smear tactics which I can only imagine contribute
to the decision of hordes of voters who chose to not participate in our
democracy. As we evaluate our voting options in anticipation of the
next federal election, we hope that you refocus on representing us,
your constituents, rather than the Conservative Party war room.

Govern yourself accordingly,

(The Undersigned)


Gayle said...

Good response. I received the same pamphlet. It tells me that Linda Duncan will be a threat to Jaffer in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Toronto = NDP = BAD for Alberta.

Are people in Edmonton dumb enough to believe that Jack Layton speaks for all of Toronto? Is bashing Toronto in Alberta the Conservative's strategy?

Anonymous said...

Why are you sending a letter to someone you'll never vote for, who likely knows you won't vote for them, asking them to behave a certain way? I'm a tad confused at this tactic.

It's a contrast piece, well-documented to actually work for those not as interested in political nuances as compared to yourself or I, rather than turn them off politics. It seems slightly odd I know, but it is the case. Usually they are even simpler. Having Jack first is questionable and giving undue press to a guy with a lack of exposure and no presence in Alberta anyway, which is probably the issue I'd have with it.

What he's stating has been done is on the left of his page, that's pretty clear. Now as to why you got a working families targeted letter, I'm not sure.

BR said...

Linda Duncan is going to be about as much of a threat to Rahim Jaffer as the Alberta Liberals were to the PC Party.

calgarygrit said...

The CN Tower next to Jack's head a nice subtle touch I think.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, this guys political strategies are as greasy as his hair.

Wow, who would have though that the NDP would vote against things that really only benefit higher earning canadians. This pamphlet really opened my eyes (sarcastic tone).

Out of all of the federal party leaders, Jack Layton is the one I respect the most (if only he were Liberal....).

And if he was challenged on this record by Jaffer face to face, he would tear Jaffer a new one.

ALW said...

Goodness - that Rahim is such a big meanie, isn’t he?

I always get a kick out of people who were never going to vote Tory anyway masquerading as deeply concerned swing voters who have been turned off by malicious Tory advertising. Do you really think you’re fooling anyone? If you’re a Liberal voter and it was Liberals sending this kind of stuff out, you’d simply shrug it off.

That said, I don’t think it takes a political scientist to figure out Jaffer’s seat is the least-safe in Alberta. But being the least-safe Tory seat in Alberta is still a lot safer than “safe” seats elsewhere, so my bet is Rahim hangs on again by a few thousand votes.

Frustrating, isn’t it? Now you know how Tories in Toronto feel!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think anyone cares what a devout partisan like you says to an MP from another party? Ridiculous.

Glen said...

Do you think it was Rahim who really really put it out, or just a staffer posing as Rahim?

Anonymous said...

Nice letter, Dave. On the bright side, at least your MP is using his budget to send you mail, ironically other Alberta MPs are using their mailout budgets to target Torontoians rather than communicate with their own constituents.

But hey, I'm sure if we keep voting for them they're bound to start treating us better one day.

Nastyboy said...

Is bashing Toronto in Alberta the Conservative's strategy?

Why not? Bashing Alberta in Toronto has been a Liberal tactic for decades.

Dunkler said...

I got the same one a week ago, which is odd, since I live in Edmonton Leduc, a riding in which the NDP are generally a non-entity.

Mellina Huitema said...

Does Jack Layton honestly have to defend himself on that record? It wouldn't take much. That is garbage political spin that is utterly condescending to voters. And nice touch with the CN Tower next to Jack's head. If voters don't see through this, our democracy has hit a new low. (And I'm going to regret saying that in a few months' time.)

Not that I mind one bit. It was a pleasant surprise for me to find out that the NDP is evidently enough of a threat for Conservatives to put out attack literature on them.

Anonymous said...

American-style, Dave?

Anonymous said...

A very well-written letter, Dave. Adding your input in a constructive way is all part of living in a democracy. Even if you will never vote for him, you did do your part by expressing your views regarding his literature. And in a far kinder method than many of his opponents would, I'd bet.

I wonder if I'll be getting one of these in Edmonton-Spruce Grove...

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

There is no, I repeat no, limit to how much the NDP deserve to be attacked, ridiculed, shamed, and marginalized as a group of dangerous lunatics.

(They would attack the Liberals, but I think their own leader is doing a decent enough job marginalizing them...Layton's the kind of person all sorts of people give begrudging respect to UNTIL they start leading about the sickening things he says, the disturbing things he believes, and the unacceptable things he has done.)

Anonymous said...

It is past time for Alberta to get what we deserve for a change, not what the liberal elites in Toronto decide for us. Small town Alberta represents the BEST of Canada. Communists like Layton sipping lattes and driving Volvo's in Toronto represent the WORST.