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Friday, April 25, 2008

guess who dropped by for dinner?

You get more than just a standard Ed Stelmach speech at Tory fundraising dinners now days:

Premier Ed Stelmach's $450-a-plate fundraising dinner was interrupted Thursday night by Greenpeace activists who lowered themselves from a catwalk and unfurled a big black banner which read: "$telmach: The Best Premier Oil Money Can Buy."

Stelmach had just launched into his speech in front of 1,650 people at the Shaw Conference Centre.

A murmur rose from the crowd as the banner was lowered at the back of the room between two giant screens that were broadcasting his remarks.

(Photo care of Greenpeace)

UPDATE: In response to criticism of their weak record on environmental protection in the tarsands, the Tory government has released a slick booklet as part of an attempt to "re-brand" the Tory government's weak image (Click here to listen to CBC Radio reporter Erik Denison on the tarsands campaign)


Anonymous said...

Ha. I was one of those 1,500 people who's work bought a ticket to the dinner last night and the banner drop was the most exciting part of the evening. Most definitely worth the $450 per ticket.

Anonymous said...

Good on Greenpeace for trying to shake things up here in Alberta. We are a province with a complacent government and an apathetic population.

We need more descent like this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Apparently these clueless pranksters left their vehicle running outside the Shaw conference centre during there prank in an effort to be prepared for a quick getaway, oh the hypocrisy!

I wonder if they got one of those idling notes.....

Demosthenes said...

Now THAT is activism.

Anonymous said...

These people are disgraceful. they fail to propose real solutions, and embarass themselves on a daily basis. Shame.