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Friday, August 08, 2008

germany pushes the boundaries.

After passing a municipal law in June 2008 requiring all newly built or renovated buildings to install solar panels, an epic debate over this renewable energy law is now taking place in the City of Marburg.

Germany is aiming to slash their national greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2020.


Skinny Dipper said...

After reading your title, I thought the Germans had crossed the Oder and Neisse Rivers to reclaim Danzig and Königsberg. This is on the very same day that Russia decided to invade its neighbour. Is history repeating itself?

Take Notice Canada said...

If the elected government of the people wants to do this, and is able to stay elected beyond the next election with this policy more power to them.

If Germany was serious about cutting their emissions, they would seriously look at other nations in europe that have much lower carbon footprints, notably France, and apply those lessons at home.

Solar panels and wind farms does not baseload electricity make, and 60% of Germany's electricity currently comes from coal, with plans on the drawing board to build more plants.

There are only a couple ways to reduce GHGs from electrical production beyond the marginal shifts from solar and wind, and the choices are to either reduce consumption or switch to technologically feasible low emissions sources.

When you are putting installations in places that aren't the sunniest, when panels last at best 30 years, it is unlikely they will be carbon neutral from even their own manufacture.

Germany has actually caused a world wide shortage of PV panels, due to the massive subsidy they have for installation. At this point, Germany is using PVs that could be used in much more efficient climates where they might make some economic sense (and reduce more GHGs).

Anonymous said...

Craig Chandler is trying to start an ethanol plant. We should all get behind him in his efforts.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Germany is leading the international debate!