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Friday, September 05, 2008

a new way forward?

Alberta Liberal leadership candidate Dave Taylor announced an addition to his campaign team yesterday with the appointment of former Mount Royal College Students' Association President Jonathan MacPherson as Assistant Deputy Campaign Manager for Calgary. In his media release, Taylor described MacPherson as "an excellent spokesperson for a number of pressing issues."

In March 2007, MacPherson was less of an excellent spokesperson for his organization when he created and became the centre of a public scandal at his college:

Current Mount Royal Students' Association president Jon MacPherson, who was re-elected to a second term Sat., March 7, was punished by the MRC students' council for sending an email to U of C SU president Emily Wyatt defaming his competitor, current vice-president student life Tami Rothery.

MacPherson ended up winning the election over Rothery--his only other competitor--by 428 votes. As part of his punishment, he is required to write letters of apology to both Wyatt and U of C VP external Julie Labonte.

Wyatt said she was surprised to receive an email from MacPherson asking her to support his election campaign. She responded to the email by telling MacPherson she had to remain neutral and forwarded the email to Labonte. Somehow the email got into the hands of an MRC VP who brought it to the attention of council. Then the Calgary Herald also reported on the story.

MacPherson will also lose his spot on the MRC board of governors as well as any remaining vacation time. He cannot hold leadership positions on any external lobby groups and is required to pay a $1,000 fine to the students' association.
No word if MacPherson will be given access to a campaign email address.


Raymaker said...

"Assistant deputy campaign manager for Calgary"

Sounds like a too-many-chiefs-and-not-enough-indians operation if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

Should we take this to mean that your supporting Swann's campaign? I can't see why else you're publishing this obscure tidbit that casts a member of the Taylor campaign in a bad light.

David Swann is a great guy who would make a terrible leader. The man can literally bore a person to death and would be just awful in QP.

However with Ed Stelmach as his foil on the PC side, it might actually balance out nicely. Two of the worst public speakers in the history of oration, monotonously meandering back and forth at one another.

God help us all.

Raymaker said...

By that analysis, every jackass whose ever hosted open-line radio would be great leader.

God help us all indeed.