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Friday, September 12, 2008

early morning candidate updates.

The list of nominated federal election candidates in Alberta has been updated to include some new additions:

Edmonton-Strathcona: Jane Thrall, Green
Peace River: Liliane Maisonneuve, Liberal
: Adam Campbell, Liberal
Westlock-St. Paul: Aden Murphy, Green

UPDATE*S*: Doug James is the Liberal candidate in Calgary-Centre North. James will face off against Conservative incumbent Jim Prentice, New Democrat John Chan, Green Eric Donovan, First People's candidate Doug Dokis, and the Canadian Action Party's John Kohut.

Last week, I wrote that Alberta Sheriff Ali Haymour was seeking the NDP nomination in Edmonton-Sherwood Park. I've just been informed that Haymour has had to unfortunately decline the nomination for professional reasons. Brian LaBelle is now seeking the NDP nod in that riding in a nomination meeting set for next week. If nominated, LaBelle will face Tory Tim Uppal, Liberal Rick Szostak, and Independent James Ford.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kudos for maintaining this list of candidates.

You did a great job during the spring provincial election - in fact better than both of the Calgary MSM.