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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hell hath frozen over.

A contested NDP nomination in Red Deer is not something that I imagined would happen during this election (or during my lifetime for that matter...). Farmer and Teacher Stuart Sommerville will be duking it out against recent Red Deer Mayoral candidate Matt Chapin (who was 21-years old when he faced off against Mayor Morris Flewwelling in the October 2007 election) for the September 14 nomination meeting.

The nominated candidate will face off against first-time Conservative candidate Earl Dreeshen and Liberal Garfield Marks in the riding vacated by longtime Conservative MP Bob Mills.

The list of nominated federal election candidates in Alberta will be updated as more candidates are nominated.


Anonymous said...

There's something happening with the Federal NDP in this province, it would seem.

Edmonton-Leduc's New Democrats held a contested nomination earlier this summer and the Mill Woods-Beaumont ND's are also having a contested nom this Saturday.

We all know the provincial NDP did not fare well in the spring election but apparently Jack Layton and his team have a lot more curb appeal for lefties here.

Maybe it's because the NDP placed second in so many AB ridings in the 2006 campaign. Those ridings should therefore have more money in their coffers and be able to put up the best fight against Harper's candidates.

Either way, it's a very interesting and unexpected shift. If & when AB stops voting all 28 seats blue, I expect it will be the populist NDP in orange that makes the breakthrough here.

Anonymous said...

Things are looking UP for the NDP in BC!