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Sunday, September 14, 2008

photo post: the first weekend of campaign 2008.

Greening the Farmers' Market. Green Party candidate David Parker was campaigning at the City Market on 104th on Saturday morning in Edmonton-Centre.

Landslide Jim? Jim Wachowich's Edmonton-Centre campaign office on the corner of 124th Street and 102 Avenue is up and running.

Paint it Orange! NDP candidate Linda Duncan is winning the sign war in my neighbourhood (so far I've only spotted one Rahim Jaffer lawn sign in the University area).

One of Rona Ambrose's campaign signs stands on a street corner near West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton-Spruce Grove. With most of Alberta's seats sitting in safe Tory territory, expect most of Alberta's Tory MPs to be spending their time campaigning in battleground Ontario.


Anonymous said...

Duncan signs are all noticeable all around my neighborhood as well.

Ian said...

Jaffer and Roy are duking signs (large and small) in Capilano area and Jaffer's got Grandview Heights, but Old Strathcona and the University belong to Duncan. It looks like this will be a pretty big battleground. I'm just hoping Roy doesn't claim too much ground and cost Duncan another election.

Anonymous said...

Cost Duncan another election? Please... whatever they you are drinking at NDP HQ... you might want to switch to decaf. Edm-Strath is a race no question. However to think Duncan will finish in 2nd place or even "cough" win is simply laughable.

How do we know that a vote for Duncan won't elect Rahim again? Besides any sober voter will know that the NDP will never form government.

Anonymous said...

NDP signs always plaster Old Strathcona. Oddly enough, the riding is much larger.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I have an NDP sign on my lawn. Unfortunately, I find it doesn't say NDP largely enough. Obviously if the sign is orange, it is NDP, but I still think the sign isn't clear enough.

Did you see the yellow signs? I couldn't catch which party they belong to. Maybe an independent. One of these days I need to actually get out of the car to take a look.