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Thursday, October 30, 2008

articulate eddie's quote of the week.

I'm not sure if this October 29 answer from Ed Stelmach says more about the PC government or the opposition, actually, I really don't have a clue what it says because I don't think it actually makes any sense.

Mr. MacDonald: ... The Canada Health Act is based on a set of five principles. My first question is to the Premier. Why are four principles of the Canada Health Act – comprehensiveness, universality, portability, and public administration – ignored by the board that this government created to run health in this province?

Mr. Stelmach: Mr. Speaker, you know, we can debate about these principles back and forth for the next 10 years. Our main goal here as a government is to make sure that this publicly funded health system is sustainable for the next generation. The way this opposition is going, we’re going to lose it over the next year not only in this province but right across this country.
Any guesses as to what he could have meant? Anybody have a Rosetta Stone handy?

More here.


Anonymous said...

It puzzles me why this man chooses to open his mouth in the first place. He is clearly out of his league in the Premier's chair.

Anonymous said...

Ed Stelmach thinks that Hugh MacDonald is going to destroy Canada's health care system? What sort of mystical god-like powers does Stelmach think are held by the MLA for Edmonton Goldbar?

Anonymous said...

It really goes to show just how useless Question Period is. Throw them all out.

Anonymous said...

Good for honest Eddie.

He and his 72 PC MLA's are the only thing stopping the massive force of the 9 MLA Liberal Official Opposition from destroying medicare in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Good lord.. even Stelmach thinks Mr. Harper is a robot, except he's found the missing link that we all missed. The puppet-master at the remote control of that robot is none other than Mr. MacDonald! No wonder Mr. Stelmach fears the destruction of health care across our entire country, why, with control of the HarperBot 2.5, he could get his EEEVIL liberal machinations in place -- first destroying health care, then no doubt moving on to eliminate heterosexual desire!

The horror! THE HORROR!

Happy Halloween!

Robert McBean. said...

Translation: Hugh MacDonald is a communist

Anonymous said...

Eddie got his message out better than Dr. Kevin Taft in the last election.

Oh, right, I forgot. If only Kevin had a few more $$$ to spend, then Albertans would have seen the light.