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Saturday, October 11, 2008

brian storseth hurts my brain.

After studying Political Science at the University of Alberta, Westlock-St. Paul Conservative MP Brian Storseth is putting his learned political analysis skills to good use on the campaign trail.

From the Morinville Mirror:

"In our area this election is going to be closer than people think. If a lot of people didn't come out and vote, there's a good chance that we will have a liveral* member of parliament," said Storseth.
I'm not sure what kind of polls Storseth is reading, but after having been elected in 2006 with a 23,000 vote margin of victory, I have a really hard time believing that he actually thinks he stands a chance of losing in this election.

*I'm assuming (hoping) that this is a typo.


Jerry Aulenbach said...

If nothing else, he's got a sense of humour.

That's a good idea for a new name for the ALP: The Alberta Liveral Party. The "livs". Makes one think of liver, as in beer, like the image that used to be on Dave Taylor's website a week or two ago.


Anonymous said...

Since when is beer an inaccurate representation of a political convention hospitality suite?

I got tanked with some MLA's at the PC convention hospitality circuit last week in Jasper.

Anonymous said...

Brian who?

Enough said.

A said...

He hurts your brain? He replaced an MP that I actually liked.

Sometimes democracy throws some real curve balls.

Gauntlet said...

To a conservative, a "good" chance of a liberal MP is "zero" chance of a liberal MP.

So there's a good chance.

Anonymous said... is too bad Alberta Politics has no real stories or issues to excite the imagination. It leaves decent bloggers with nothing to blog about.

Out of our 28 M.P's most are a bunch of unlikeable no talent hacks including the Prime Minister which is very sad.

In a Province run by another bunch of even worse no talent hacks who make our Alberta M.P's look good.

If Hawn and Jaffer win again. We lose. We will also continune to have no issues talk about, unless of course we should move from First Past the Post to PR.

Anonymous said...

Storseth has nothing to worry about, you could run a baked potato under the Tory banner out here in Westlock-St.Paul and it would still get %65 of the vote.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Maybe he's just energizing the base to avoid being one of these "interesting but noncompetitive" ridings.

Plus, in an election like this where Harpers liberal streak is leaving a bad taste in conservative mouths, its pretty important to get your core voters out in droves. Being assured that nobody's really voting for the other guy didn't work too well for John Kerry.

daveberta said...

To be honest, the article was so poorly written that I couldn't really tell if he was joking or not.

That said, it reminded me of something that you would have heard come out of the mouth of an Ontario Liberal MP during the Chretien days.

Anonymous said...

I know Brian and he's a nice guy. Maybe he believes that old saying about nice guys finishing last is true? Having said that, Dave, are you sure you want to continue to advertise yourself as a U of A poli sci student? Personally, I'd be too embarrassed.