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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

three enter alberta liberal leadership race.

The nomination deadline for the Alberta Liberal leadership race has passed and three candidate have thrown their hats in -- David Swann, Dave Taylor, and Mo Elsalhy will contest the December vote to replace outgoing leader Kevin Taft.

Elsalhy, Swann, and Taylor will face off in a Sunday morning debate at this weekend's Liberal convention in Edmonton.


Alberta Report Editorial Collective said...

Umm... Don't area Liberals have better things to be doing this weekend?

Anonymous said...

They are also debating at the ATA's head office on Friday night. I think that venue might be easier for non-party members to come out to than a credentialed convention. As someone disenfranchised by all of the current provincial leaders and parties, I look forward to hearing these three new faces outline what they would do differently.

I hope at least one of them will push for an amalgamation with the NDP. I know the NDP rebuffed this idea but the reality is most provinces work best in a two party system. It's time for a leader who can unite Alberta's progressive voices under one banner.

Anonymous said...

Never gonna happen. The Alberta NDP doesn't care about defeating the Tories.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't have to happen in a "formal" capacity. I know many Alberta ex-Dippers have taken out Liberal memberships to help Dr. Swann win this leadership.

Obviously a formal alliance is off the table for now, but drawing in activists and members is something any of the leadership candidates can do.

If the right leader emerges, the Liberals could reduce the NDP to the same place Social Credit is at, ie no longer relevant and lacking members, staff and MLAs. The leadership and staff of the NDP not have an interest in beating Tories but I assume many of their membership will.