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Thursday, January 22, 2009

the judge has a nose ring.

'The Future: It's why Teachers Teach,' is the slogan used in a new set of new TV and billboard ads from the Alberta Teachers' Association that will run over the next couple of months. You can watch the TV ads here and here.

With the agreed 'labour peace' between the Teachers' Association and the Provincial Government set to last for another 4 years, it will be very interesting to watch how the ATA would react to potential cuts to education funding in the upcoming years.


Anonymous said...

Are they loading the ADS onto YouTube? They should.

Anonymous said...

These ads are amazing! I have seem some of the billboards and they are well done. My wife is a teacher and I can see the difference that all teachers make in our childrens lives. I often tease my wife by saying that her students spend more time with her than they do their own families!