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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

an odd start to the next election campaign in calgary-centre.

Calgary-Centre Green candidate Natalie Odd is getting a head start on the next Federal election by re-launching her campaign this weekend.

Odd, the Executive Director of the Clean Calgary Association, placed a close-third when she faced off against Conservative MP Jim Prentice Lee Richardson in October 2008. Placing less than 600 votes behind second-place Liberal Heesung Kim and earning 16.7% of the vote, Odd's 2008 performance was the strongest of any Calgary federal Green candidate to date.


Anonymous said...

The Federal Greens would be wise to put organizational capacity to work in southern Alberta, however the Elizabeth May "NDP-lite" executive doesn't seem to understand their own party's appeal in such places and therefore have no interest in supporting it.

The continued efforts of a party intent on never electing their own MP.

Anonymous said...


It doesn't happen very often, but you made a boo, boo.

Natalie Odd faced off against Conservative MP Lee Richardson in October 2008.



daveberta said...

Thanks, Troy. I was thinking Richardson, but wrote Prentice. Chalk it up to Tuesday morning.


Anonymous said...

I'll be at the launch showing my support for Ms. Odd.

She's an incredible candidate and will doubtless be a name to watch in the years to come. If I grab any, I'll pass along some photos/comments for you.

Tiny Perfect Blog said...
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daveberta said...

TPB - You seems pretty concerned that I haven't replied.

Frankly, I've been writing about the need for a different political movement in Alberta for the past 8 or 9 months. There have been town halls, public meetings, and open discussions in the media and political parties since March 2008, so it shouldn't be surprising to anyone that people are continuing to discuss it.

Centerbloq's post makes it sound like a scoop, but there's not too much scandalous about political people interested in political change.


Anonymous said...

It's exciting to hear people seriously talking about political change in Alberta. Down with the traditional parties!

Anonymous said...

Odd was a terrific candidate. I am glad to hear that I can once again mark my ballot for her!

Unknown said...

It was a great showing for the first meeting for the pre-election campaign for Calgary Centre's Candidate. Some very good people on board and lots of ideas. Odd is definitely a great candidate and she showed that during this meeting.