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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ken chapman on the #ableg debate.

Ken Chapman offered some thoughtful comments on Twitter and social media technology in the Alberta Legislature on CBC this afternoon:

Also, I was interviewed by CTV on the story.

Follow the debate on Twitter at #ableg.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good discussion, thanks for posting it. I'm still slightly concerned that listeners many listeners (especially those middle-aged and up) will still have no idea what this whole thing is about. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

This does introduce an interesting question, however. If a statement or opinion is made digitally and then publicized immediately, does that statement retain privilege of the house or is it actionable?

Anonymous said...

Some of us middle aged do know what is being talked about. In fact we get to see this fantastic technology being used in restaurants, while people are driving,have our face to face conversations interrupted by the all important message, have servers at stores stop what they are doing because something real important is being recieved and so forth.
Unless my senility is affecting me I am to belive that there is a time and a place for the use of these devices.
You might call it the new way of doing things and I agree that communication has expanded to reach people in ways never thought of before.
Decorum and manners still have a place as well.
See I am capable to read and post comments on a blog, not bad for a middle aged person

Earl J. Woods said...

Nice clip, Dave!