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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

live tweeting ward boundaries.

I'm sitting in Council Chambers live-tweeting the City Council meeting discussing the proposed new ward boundaries.

Follow the tweets here


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a coherent, reasoned and reflective post summarizing the experience be fundamentally more useful than the periodic knee-jerk posts that are characteristic of Twitter? - Roman

daveberta said...
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daveberta said...

Perhaps, but in the immediate time, I posted my thoughts on twitter.

A said...

The limits of twitter are made manifest.

You didn't blog.

I was otherwise occupied at the time of this twitter-fest.

I have since missed your twittering, am too lazy to go back through the feeds to see, and now don't know where I should live when I come back to E-town nor do I know which City Councilors to secretly respect or sneer at.

Also, me, me, me, I, I, I.

Anonymous said...

Twitter Haiku

One hundred forty
Characters define my life
Me, myself and I

Party of One said...

I have to admit, both twitter and facebook updates leave me cold. They both operate under the assumption that people are actually interested in the minutaie and banality of other people's lives; it's a sort of e-voyeurism.

I'm not; and I don't expect other people to be all that interested in mine. But I do enjoy blog posts that have been carefully considered and eloquently scribed.

Perhaps, in the interests of recording one's immediate reactions to things, twitter might be useful as sort of notepad...but an actual notepad would do the job as well, wouldn't it?

Deeerrrp! said...

Twitter is stupid and I refuse to partake.