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Friday, June 12, 2009

daveberta on air.

Tune in to Calgary's AM770 at 6:40pm tonight as I join The World Tonight's Rob Breakenridge (@RobBreakenridge) on air to discuss my recent article in Alberta Views Magazine.


Mike Allard said...

Good luck! My wife and I will be listening.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

interesting article, well done

Anonymous said...

The ownership of was AOK in my books. It's the forwarding of it to Harry Strom's wikipedia article that was problematic - that was what's called "passing off" which is against the law. I'm really surprised the onwer of this website wasn't sued.

Anonymous said...

The domain name thing has been revisited ad naseum, but nowhere have I seen any reference to the fact that the name was originally owned by Ed Stelmach's leadership campaign (owned and - one site redirected to the other). After the campaign was over, the leadership campaign group was wound up, and the people involved went back to their regular jobs. No one from the bureaucracy or the PC Party thought to protect it, and the name "ownership" was allowed to expire. Subsequently Dave acquired it.

In my mind, this is an important distinction. Dave saw an opportunity to generate some publicity cheaply and to make the PCs look bad to the benefit of his then-employer, the Alberta Liberals, and took it. But portraying the Premier as ignorant of the importance of an online presence was pure fiction. I visited the leadership campaign site regularly, as I am sure Dave did.

After the brouha over the domain name reached the media, many politicians at various levels then moved to protect their names by registering familiar domains. Stelmach was simply a high-value target.