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Monday, June 29, 2009

the majority disapproves.

A new poll released by Leger Marketing shows that none of Alberta's three main political party leaders have been able to achieve majority approval ratings:

Conservative Premier Ed Stelmach's performance: - Disapprove: 40 per cent - Approve: 41 per cent - Don't know: 19 per cent

Opinion of Stelmach since last year - Worsened: 43 per cent - Stayed the same: 40 per cent - Improved: Five per cent

Liberal Leader David Swann's performance: - Disapprove: 29 per cent - Approve: 22 per cent - Don't know: 49 per cent

NDP Leader Brian Mason's performance: - Disapprove: 34 per cent - Approve: 22 per cent - Don't know: 44 per cent
The poll places Stelmach in a commanding lead of both David Swann and Brian Mason, but his high disapproval ratings shouldn't give PC supporters any reason to brag. While it appears that the Liberal or NDP leader haven't been able to gain traction in public support (which isn't a shock), I was most surprised at Stelmach's regional ratings. The poll showed approval for the Premier at 34% in Calgary, at 41% in smaller communities (down from 52% in 2008), and remaining lukewarm at 48% in Edmonton.

UPDATE: Here is the PDF with a regional breakdown and fancy charts.


Anonymous said...

The 'dont know' ratings are huge!!

19% "don't know' Stelmach
49% "don't know' Swann
44% "don't know' Mason

Stelmach has been Premier for 3 years and almost 20% of albertans didn't have an opinion on him!?! Swann's only been around for a few months so he can be forgiven for now (time is wearing thin.......), Mason has been freaking NDP leader for 5 years and a politicians for 20!!

Maybe we need a new batch of leaders?

Tiny Perfect Blog said...
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Premier Financial Alliance said...
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CS said...

Gee spam in the comments section of blogs, what next?

Concerned Albertan said...

In a poll like this, the +/- is important.

Stelmach +1
Swann -7
Mason -12

CanWest usually rolls out these polls over a couple of days. I am guessing vote intent will be out pretty soon.

kenchapman said...

The usual answer to the will you vote question is too normative to be useful. People typicaly say they will vote but they don't.

With an election 4 years away what would that info tell you today that would be useful then. My blog post read on this poll is the big shift in rural disapproval must have been known to the Stelmach government. With fund raising tough - including a recession but rumour is the Wildrose is collecitng cash the message to Stelmach is clear. Rutal Alberta is grumpy - expect appeasement. Bill 44 opting out is part of it to appease the so-cons I think.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Swann but i still don't like him. So can I vote under both categories?

I don't know Mason either, and i reeeeally don't like him.

Anonymous said...

These numbers aren't surprising. Low voter turnout in 2008 and Stelmach got a giant majority with 52%. It wouldn't take much to toss them out.

Conflicted Albertan said...

I like Stelmach and Swann. What does that make me?

Anonymous said...

Twice as stupid as most Albertans?

Derrick Jacobson said...

After the last election I came to the conclusion polls on popularity are useless. If we went by the rule of polls there is no way that Stelmach would have taken the amount of seats he did. I remember well the shock of everyone at that time. I would agree on the opinion poll on Stelmach, but in reality he will remain because of the PC banner.

Jacksonville Fence said...

I think we should all just vote green next time - lets give them a chance, if they suck at it I'm sure we'll have another election soon after, it seems to be the norm.

Anonymous said...

Jacksonville there won't likely be a provincial Green party in the next election thanks to Mr. Anglin and company.

rc said...

"Maybe we need a new batch of leaders?"

What makes ya think the electorate would care any more or less about some fresh faces? I mean, really?