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Thursday, July 16, 2009

liberal & ndp nominations in edmonton-centre and edmonton-east.

Three federal candidate nominations have been scheduled in Edmonton for the last week of July. It looks like they will all end up in acclamation.

Edmonton-Centre Liberal nomination meeting
July 27, Westmount Community Hall
(I will post the time when I get confirmation)
Candidate: Mary MacDonald

Edmonton-Centre/Edmonton-East NDP joint nomination meeting
July 28, Alberta Avenue Community Centre, 6:30pm
Edmonton-Centre: Lewis Cardinal
Edmonton-East: Ray Martin


Anonymous said...

Is Mary MacDonald the same person who lost Strathcona to the NDP in 1997?

The Pundits' Guide said...

Thanks, Dave. I will add these to my list of upcoming nomination meetings at the Pundits' Guide.

daveberta said...

Anonymous: Yes, Mary MacDonald was the Edmonton-Strathcona Liberal candidate in the 1997 provincial election. Here were the results:

Raj Pannu, NDP: 4,272 (31.84%)
Mary MacDonald, L: 4,214 (31.41%)
John Logan, PC: 4,096 (30.53%)
John Forget, SC: 552 (4.11%)
Myles Kitagawa, G: 236 (1.76%)
Eshwar Jagdeo, NLP: 47 (0.35%)
(Turnout 56.34%)

It was a close race as only 176 votes separated the top three candidates.

daveberta said...

PG: Thanks for the link. Glad I could provide the info!

SD said...

Dave, I was waiting for you to write about the lack of interest in the nominations and to say the least I'm disappointed. You took the time to criticize the CPC for a hard fought nomination between three candidates in Strathcona, so it would seem to be a double standard.


daveberta said...

SD: Thanks for the comment. It wasn't an intentional double standard, but a lack of time when I originally posted this last night (hence the lack of commentary on this post).

I plan to write about it next week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave just to let you know

Edmonton Sherwood Park Nom
Rick Szostack is the only candidate
Monday, July 27, 2009
Registration at 7:00pm Meeting at 7:30pm

Ramada Limited Sherwood Park
30 Broadway Boulevard