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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

dear mr. ignatieff.

Please don't.




Alex said...

I assume we can expect the same requests of Messrs Layton and Duceppe shortly?

Anonymous said...

Why not?

Anonymous said...

With your team having candidates like this in AB, it's no wonder you don't want an election Dave.

"She maintains involved in the political arena."

That's more gooder grammar, yessiree. The big red Libs are going to place third in almost every AB riding this time. People are realizing that even the NDP are fielding better candidates than the Libs, scary as that is.

Jae/Jennie said...

He's not wrong, but...I look at my schedule and want to cryyyyyyyy.

SD said...

Dear Dave,

We completely agree with you.


An overwhelming majority of Canadians

kenchapman said...

He won't - Layton will become Harper saviour because he has the most to lose from an election.

rc said...

Forget it. What, pray tell, will the Liberals use beat the Tory war chest with? Campaigns cost money - kissing babies and shaking hands doesn't come cheap.... And the Liberals are still pretty much broke, if I'm not mistaken.

The Tories, on the other hand, are flush - and can afford to simply bury them (and probably the NDP, too) in money and ad buys.