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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

woah, rahim.

Former Edmonton-Strathcona Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer is in some serious hot water:

Rahim Jaffer, husband of Simcoe-Grey MP Helena Guergis, has been charged with drunk driving and possession of cocaine.

Police stopped Jaffer, a 37-year-old Angus resident, on Sept. 11 on Regional Road 50 in Palgrave. Caledon OPP say he was speeding through the village.Jaffer will be in

Orangeville criminal court on Oct. 19 to answer the charges.

Jaffer was elected MP for the Edmonton-Strathcona riding in 1997, a seat he held up until last year's federal election, when he lost to the NDP candidate.

Audio: Rahim Jaffer's anti-drug radio ad from the 2008 election. (ht Archie McLean)


Anonymous said...

Are we sure it wasn't someone pretending to be him?

Brian Dell said...

I campaigned for Jaffer back in the day before I had given up the Conservative Party kool aid. It was frustrating since while volunteers were working hard, we later learned that he was developing a reputation as the Ottawa MP least inclined to work and most inclined to party. The CPC needs a big time shake-up in terms of more professional candidates but it is very very difficult to make that happen they way things are now.

susansmith said...

I under if he will be treated with 0 tolerance and derided as some junky low life.

Lou Arab said...

Don't forget his radio ads from the last election:

"Edmontonians understand how difficult it is to make sure our children make the right choices, especially on serious issues like drug use. The Conservative Party supports drug-free schools and getting tough with drug dealers who sell illegal drugs to children. Don't let our schools go up in smoke. On October 14th vote Conservative."

Anonymous said...

You mean the CPC's filled with hypocrites?! I'm shocked! All this bluster about getting tough on crime and their own supposed moral rectitude is a crock. Harper loves to cut deals with separatists when it can make him PM, but rails against them when its someone else's coalition. Alberta's CPC MPs have been about as outspoken about and engaged with Alberta issues and interests as your typical Alberta PC backbench MLA.

Time to send Harper a message like Glenmore did to Stelmach.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha! *clap clap clap*

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic -- really made my day.

Berry Farmer said...

Isn't the assumption of innocence still the law in Canada?

If the charges are valid, it will be interesting how fast the CPC disavows Rahim Jaffer and how they do it.

I remember the ads well. I was the Green candidate in Vegreville-Wainwright and I was constantly asked about the Green policy of de-criminalisation.

But let's hold our fire until we see how he answers the charges. Fair is fair.