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Saturday, November 14, 2009

joe anglin on bill 50.

I laid out my thoughts on Bill 50: Electrical Statues Amendment Act and upgrades to provincial transmission infrastructure late last month, but the issue continues to dominate much of the debate during the fall session of Alberta's Legislative Assembly. The Lavesta Area Group have been extremely effective at agitating their opposition to Bill 50 into the media spotlight and their leader, Joe Anglin, has been travelling across Alberta showcasing the group's opposition to Bill 50. Anglin's presentation is now on YouTube:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Loss Factors
Part 3: History and Legislation
Part 4: Time has run out!
Part 5: Reliability Issue and HVDC
Part 6: Costs and Bias
Part 7: EXPORT
Part 8: Hypocrisy –What they said
Part 9: The Vision and Plan


Berry Farmer said...

I've seen Mr. Anglin's presentation and it is very convincing. I have also heard that members of cabinet have called him a 'dangerous man.' yet they never come out to address his points in public forums.

Like Mr. Anglin or not, you have to respect his tenacity at holding the government to the rules and forcing them to explain themselves to a sleepwalking electorate.

Connie Jensen said...

Thank you for posting this, Dave. So MUCH work has gone into this series of videos...the research, the development of the presentation, and of course, the travel around the province to try to awaken what Berry Farmer calls a sleepwalking electorate. Most of this work has been shouldered by Joe Anglin, himself. If, indeed, the information and the documentation is incorrect, perhaps some of our legislators could point out, specifically, where the mistakes are, rather than simply calling him "dangerous," and a "fear monger." Joe has done a lot of homework. He deserves better. All Albertans deserve better.

Anonymous said...

"Joe Anglin is dangerous!" (Val Kilmer, aka Iceman)

"Joe, well you know eh? He's just a rogue maverick, tellin it like it is. (Sarak Palin, aka Moron)

It's hard to take Anglin seriously, I mean the guy managed to get his own political party disbanded to due to imcompetence over some minor paperwork. I mean do you have any idea how lax Elections AB is about filing? They could have turned in a grade 3 student's math workbook and they'd still be a party.

Berry Farmer said...

Dear Anonymous,

Are you another of the folks who ridicules Mr. Anglin but has never met him? I have heard him called a bully, an incompetent, and a loony... but only by people who have never sat and spoken with him.

He may be tough and aggressive... those I won't deny, but I distrust anyone who would name call and yet not meet a person and many of Joe's critics refuse to meet with personally.

If you are one of those, just let me know and perhaps I can arrange some face time with Mr. Anglin.

Otherwise, well... you are welcome to your views.

Also, it is interesting that you would point to Election Alberta's lax-ness as somehow a reason for not being honest with the books of the Green Party. The fact that perhaps they would have overlooked fudged records does not mean that such records are okay. Perhaps the fault lies not with the Green Party wanting to file complete records and not choosing to file records less than complete.


Anonymous said...

Oh please. If anyone thinks it was "noble" for Joe Anglin to have his Green party disbanded, they need to set down the bong and sit a few rounds out.

Governments deal with a whole mess load of imperfect numbers, it's actually a big part of their business. So if Joe would rather not file his returns than submit a slightly imperfect version, well then he was never cut out to be Premier anyways.

Who can take Joe seriously thou? Despite his knowledge on the one topic he's passionate about, he otherwise seems flaky. A few years ago I saw him at a variety of NDP events, then he was Green party candidate-cum-leader-cum-destroyer. And now he's palling around with Danielle Smith and the WAP. Hell, they invited him into a Legislature Commitee recently as some sort of expert witness there to help Paul Hinman.

That's not a stable track record. 3 parties inside a few years? The man just has MLA fever methinx.

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em, Kath. You never knew the man, and you never knew what he was up against, but don't let that stop you. Obviously, you still don't know the truth. Maybe if you understood the facts surrounding Bill 50, and maybe if you would move beyond whatever is biting you, you'd realize that Joe, at least, is speaking up on your behalf for your democratic rights. Yes, even yours.

Peggy said...

Anon, Nov 15, 14:00
Your comments explain exactly how labels limit our perception of others.
Good citizens who take their responsibilities as citizen seriously have the ability to move beyond the boundaries that labels put on us.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:06 is way off base. Three parties in three years smacks of self interest only - and no loyalty.

Anonymous said...

I've been called a lot of things before, but never have I been called "Kath" till now. You clearly have my previous comments associated with the wrong person.

If only there was some way to tell who said what on these infernal internet machines! Gosh darn it all to heck.

Anonymous said...

Joe Anglin is on record in Hansard as being an Alberta Alliance much for him working non-partisanly.

Berry Farmer said...


Your comment about a "bong" seems indicative of your inability to get beyond simple perceptions.

I am a father of three, I have a farm and a full time job. I volunteer in my community and I have NEVER smoked a bong. I tried marijuana once but it gave me a headache and diarhea.

In my life I have supported the PC party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada and the Green Party of Canada. In each of them I have found things to admire and agree with. In each of them, I have found things to be turned off by.

The idea that one might follow different aspects of policy or leadership does not seem at odds with being rational. What I don't understand is why others are so incredibly partisan that only THEIR way of thinking and THEIR party can be right... or good.

Do I think Joe Anglin has a point on Bill 50? Did I think he had points on Bill 19 and Bill 46? Yes, I do (did). Do I think he is right about everything? Of course not. Do I think he is a "whacko?" No, I don't.

But there you go, I guess I just smoke too much dope....

Warm regards (from the bong room).

Connie Jensen said...

Re: Joe Anglin's Hansard record. The Lavesta Area Group, of which Joe is Leader, made a formal request for Joe to be included in the Nov. 4 Committee of the Whole hearing. Of course, we received the royal run-around from this government. Joe and Lavesta Area Group have worked closely with Liberal MLA's and with NDP MLA's as we have provided them with as much background as we could on the ramifications of Bill 50. I have emails on my desk top from members of both parties acknowledging the work Joe has done for them. He was listed in Hansard as a Wild Rose Alliance researcher, because Mr. Hinmann invited him to attend. Had the invitation come from either the NDP or the Liberals, it would have been accepted. The main objective was to get Joe into that meeting, and we did...through the WRAP. At present, we have a government that is increasingly becoming a dictatorship. Any opposition to Bill 50, is welcome. Have you bothered to watch the videos before you began "badmouthing" Joe on this blog? YOu might learn that he has something of merit to add. Or has your narrow-minded mean-spiritedness resulted in your choosing to remain ignorant about this Bill? Take a look. He is not spouting hot air, here.

It might interest you to know that Joe has also talked with other Alberta politicians and met with other growing movers on the political scene.

Give me a break.

Not particularly respectfully, and with increasing impatience,
Connie Jensen
Lavesta Area Group

Anonymous said...


Fact: The committee is a committee of the Legislative Assembly, not the Government.

Fact: Mr. Anglin was represented as a Wildrose Alliance researcher. If i introduce myself as Jim, can i then claim not to be Jim? Give us a break.

Is Mr. Anglin a Green Party supporter? or a wildrose? and now apparently he is also an NDP and a Liberal!

The view isn't always so great from the cheap seats, so perhaps that leads to your frustration.

Anonymous said...

How is it "badmouthing Joe" to say he is on record as a WRAP researcher? Is that an insult?

I also find it amusing how the Lavesta Group can apparently dish it out, but seems to get very upset when any focus is shifted their way.

Keep up the good work Connie.

Bill Myers
Leduc County