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Saturday, June 11, 2005

blog of the week!

Dear loyal readers,

Along with updating my 'les blogs' section, I've added a new feature on the side bar called 'le blog of the week.' Hopefully, every week or two, I'll put some special blogger's blog in the spotlight and single them out for being:

1. Smart
2. Entertaining
3. Informative
4. Not crazy right-wing.

The very first 'blog of the week' is Buckets of Grewal. Buckets is a hard working Hamilton blogger who has taken the blog-o-sphere by storm in gathering info on "Grewal-gate." Along with co-posters, Edward T. Bear and the Shoveller, Buckets of Grewal is kept crisp and up to date. Buckets even made it on the CTV website!

As all epic battles, the forces of darkness have begun to muster their armies in an attempt to discredit hard-working Buckets.

Alas, Buckets can rest assured that he or she has the full support of daveberta and my small but dedicated band of recycling downtown dwellers.

Keep up it up!

D : )


buckets said...

Dave, how nice of you to extend this honour to me. I'm truly touched. Thank-you.

AWGB said...

Any ideas as to who Buckets is? The recent CTV article said that he was an academic and was a visiting scholar in New York State. So he was probably a McMaster Professor or Ph.D. student who is down in the US as a visiting scholar for the summer. On his blog he did something called 'textual analysis' which is done by Religious, Classical and Communications experts.

Maybe I'll blog it.

Anonymous said...

Well what else to be expected. The Blogging Tories can't attack Bucket's work, so they attack the messanger, easier to attack the meesanger than the message, especially when the message is very clear.

AWGB said...


Just be clear: I'm not interested in discrediting someone's work if it turns out that they are an academic trained in textual analysis or whatever.

I'm just curious as to who he is. I like mystery, and it's fun to try to figure out who Buckets really is.

daveberta said...

No problem, Buckets! You run a good site! Talk about good timing too!

daveberta said...

Thanks for the comments Aaron and Zorph. :)

PR said...

What am I? One of the little orcs?

Meaghan Champion said...

No Peter, You are just a mindless tool.

Be sure to let me know when you've answered some of the questions I posted to you on the Blank Out Times.

Now run along. Here have a cookie. *pat pat*

PR said...

Geez Edward, I would answer your little questions, but apparently you're too much of a pussy to allow comments on your site. Sorry man. Peace out!

daveberta said...

play nice, children.

daveberta said...

Peter, you can be which ever orc you want to be

(I liked the cool one with the skull on his helmet).