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Sunday, June 12, 2005

the numbers just get better and better...

I still think that this was one of the funnest (and one of the most unexpected) results from last November's provincial election.

Liberal candidate Jack Flaherty went up against two-term Tory MLA Mary O'Neill in St. Albert and won. Flaherty spent $14,003, and O'Neill spent $61,434.

Businesses boosted Tory candidate’s campaign

By Mark Wells
Staff Writer
St. Albert Gazette

Money isn’t everything when it comes to politics.

Incumbent Tory MLA Mary O’Neill had a whopping $112,931 on hand for her unsuccessful 2004 bid for re-election, according to financial statements released by Alberta’s Chief Electoral Officer.

But the two-term MLA was upset by Liberal newcomer Jack Flaherty in a close race, where the challenger spent $14,003. All polls counted, Flaherty won 6,474 votes to O’Neill’s 6,064. Flaherty’s campaign focused on issues like instituting smoking legislation, funding for seniors and the disabled and improving education.

The Liberal MLA managed to raise $9,985 in donations of $375 or less and $1,900 in donations over $375. The only business to contribute to Flaherty’s campaign was Hole’s Greenhouses, with a $500 donation. Edmonton-based Alberta and Northwest Territories Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers gave $400. The remainder of Flaherty’s campaign funding came from the St. Albert Liberal constituency association. Read the rest here!

"[t]he biggest donors to O’Neill’s campaign were Saint City News owner June Warren Publishing Ltd., which provided $2,000..." pretty much cleared up to me why the SCN editorial pages were so pissed off that Flaherty won.

Oh well. This is what electoral competition looks like, guys!


ricky said...

That has got too hurt! Spend 5 or 6 times what the other guy spent and lose.

I have run quite a few campaigns in my day and have never outspent the other guy. Most times I have won. It is always enjoyable to point out later that the other guy spent 3 to 7 bucks a vote and I spent less than a buck!

Oh to be a Tory that could not buy an election. Priceless.

daveberta said...

Yeah, it is pretty fun watching how much these guys spend (and in seats they stand no chance of winning too!).

The Alberta Tories are rolling in cash. I heard they raised over $4 million before the last election and only spent $1 million. It's crazy.

Not only do they have 5 times more money than any other party in Alberta, but they're sore losers! They're the only party I know that pouts when they win 62 out of 83 seats!

daveberta said...

sorry, I meant - sore winners. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a green-thumbed person, but it looks like I'll be supporting Hole's for the rest of my life. :)

This will be a top target to defend whenever the next election comes. I'd be surprised if Jack ran again. How old is he? 71? 72?