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Monday, June 06, 2005

gurmant grewal - smuggler???

I thought this was fun. Posted 20 minutes ago on Canadian Press...

D : )

Air Canada confirms it is investigating airport incident involving
Grewal (Grewal-Airport)
Source: The Canadian Press
Jun 6, 2005 15:57

OTTAWA (CP) _ Air Canada is investigating an incident at Vancouver
airport involving a Tory MP embroiled in a taping scandal.

Gurmant Grewal was spotted in a waiting area Saturday trying to get
passengers to transport a package to Ottawa.

Airport sources won't confirm if there was a tape in the envelope the
B.C. MP was trying to pass along.

Read the rest here!

UPDATE: Grewal on stress leave (ie: going into hiding)


Anonymous said...

wow. this guy looks guiltier and guiltier every day

daveberta said...

yeah, it's like a reflex or something.

daveberta said...

or a bad tick