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Monday, June 06, 2005

two announcements

First, daveberta would like to formally welcome the Fiesty Republic of Holtopia to the great blog-o-sphere of nations. It is a great honour to have a link to this tiny republic on my side bar. Holtopia is currently preparing for a "Falkland Islands" style war after launching a massive policy review:

"After conducting a very thorough foreign policy review, The Republic of Holtopia has decided to forge a new era in Holtopian-Foreign relations! Whereas the fiesty republic once concerned itself with harvesting the orange crop, herding the wild beefalos, reading graphic novels, and taxing wicker goods-- Holtopia now looks outward!"
Second, but not lastly, daveberta would like to send a BIG CANADIAN HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my very good friend, Miss Amika Schodie. Ms. Schodie, formerly of Edmonton, Alberta now resides in the mostly rainy central area of London, UK. I wish you a very happy day and will no doubt speak with you soon.


AWGB said...

Holtopia. Is that somewhere in Alberta?

the beautiful letdown said...


Will you come out of the cave one day, come over to my office, and teach me how to
a)post links on my blog
b)show other blogs on my blog
c)customize my blog

I will pay you with fortune cookies and highfives.


daveberta said...

Aaron - Holtopia is a peice of mind.

Sarah - Totally! I'll Meeting maker you with a time :P

AWGB said...

Don't forget to show her how to join Alberta Blogs. :P