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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

hey big spender!

Time to have fun with numbers.

Thanks to an attentive friend of daveberta (kind of like the ‘Friends of Seven’) who pointed me in the direction of these lovely numbers…

Top 10 Tory Spenders per-vote in the 2004 Alberta Provincial Election

10. Jon Lord*, Calgary Currie
Total Spent: $49,211
Total Votes: 4412 (40%)
Cost per Vote: $16.19

9. Naresh Bhardwaj, Edmonton Mill Woods
Total Spent: $49,211
Total Votes: 2992 (29%)
Cost per Vote: $16.45

8. Manjit Dhaliwal, Edmonton Gold Bar
Total Spent: $46,467
Total Votes: 2562 (18%)
Cost per Vote: $18.07

7. Mark Hlady*, Calgary Mountain View
Total Spent: $75,411
Total Votes: 4088 (31%)
Cost per Vote: $18.45

6. Pearl Calahasen*, Lesser Slave Lake
Total Spent: $73,823
Total Votes: 3903 (65%)
Cost per Vote: $18.91
Outcome: Re-Elected

5. Guy Boutilier*, Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo
Total Spent: $87,100
Total Votes: 4433 (63%)
Cost per Vote: $19.95
Outcome: Re-Elected

4. Mark Norris*, Edmonton McClung
Total Spent: $115,264
Total Votes: 5333 (41%)
Cost per Vote: $21.61

3. Fred Horne, Edmonton Riverview
Total Spent: $86,330
Total Votes: 3575 (23%)
Cost per Vote: $24.15

2. Gurnam Dodd, Edmonton Ellerslie
Total Spent: $85,609
Total Votes: 3245 (32%)
Cost per Vote: $26.38

1. Drew Hutton*, Edmonton Glenora
Total Spent: $107,822
Total Votes: 3759 (29%)
Cost per Vote: $28.68

More fun with numbers to come…



Senator Catalyst said...


Look at those last three. Talk about pissing money into the wind!

Then they turned around and handed Drew Hutton the keys to the family Lexus. Too bad though, he was one of the good ones.

Robert McBean. said...

where did you get the election spending info from?

AWGB said...

Yes, yes, kind sir, but relative to what, may I ask?

Senator Catalyst said...

Realtive to the Alberta Agenda/Firewall crowd. Realtive to the Tony Abbotts and the Tedrick Mortons. Relative to the Hung Phams and the Victor Doerksens.
He was an insider; a mandarin of sorts. He grew up in the Lougheed-Elzinga tribe.

I don't know? I was just trying to say something positive.

Senator Catalyst said...

I should add that Bruce Miller is a very nice man, and probably a good trade.

I met him a couple of months back, and I can't say I very often meet such an enthusiastic public representative!

I do not worry about the folks over in Glenora.

daveberta said...

rob: I have my sources within the Tory aristocracy ; )

Aaron: I'll post the relative numbers soon.

Sen: oh, just wait until I post the entire Glenora numbers from Hutton, Booi, and Miller. It'll blow you guys away! (the Meadowlark numbers are even more outrageous!)

Senator Catalyst said...


Sorry Aaron: I thought you were typing to me.

Dave: I look forward to it! Then we can muse on the laughable proposition of campaign finance legislation in Alberta.

daveberta said...

oh yes. It will be fun.