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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

who would spice things up?

Here are my suggestions of people who could spice up the Alberta PC Leadership Race:

Craig Chandler- The CEO of Concerned Christians Canada and 2003 Federal PC Leadership candidate. Was an also-ran in Hamilton Mountain for the Reform Party in 1993 and in Calgary West during the 1997 Alberta Election as a Social Credit candidate.

Jason Kenney- Part-time MP for Calgary Southeast and full-time bulldog for the Christian-right.

Preston Manning- From the "Blast from the Past" section, this former Reform Leader would bring about 9000% more IQ to the race.

Stockwell Day- Former Alberta MLA, Alliance Leader, current BC Tory MP and crazy Foreign Affairs Critic. I know it's a LONG LONG LONG-shot, but it would be sooo entertaining.

Anybody have other suggestions?


Robert McBean. said...

chandler ran against bronconnier for mayor of calgary a few years ago. it was highly entertaining and there were even a few death threats.

other candidates:
1. danielle smith from global news
2. a potted plant (the party needs some intellectual renewal. )
3. ken king (ceo of calgary flames and former publisher of calgary sun)

Anonymous said...

oh oh! Tony Abbott! He could run on the slogan "I won't whote myself out for power!"

daveberta said...

I think you mean "I won't whore myself out for power"

but yeah! HAHA

daveberta said...

Good call with Danielle Smith. That would be fun.

I would recommend a hardy "dracina" for the potted plant.

AWGB said...

My offerings:

K.D. Lang - she sings well and she's gay. Not sure what implication that has other than like old Stock, it would be entertaining.

Gilles Duceppe - Yessss! What a surprise that would be.

Ben Mulroney - silver-spoon-son-of-B-Mulls. Our next Alberta Idol.

daveberta said...

LOL. Ben Mulroney! HAHA that would be so mcuh fun. It could be "Alberta Premier Idol" haha.

Anonymous said...

What about Deb Gray? Sure a Hell of alot funner than Herb.

Duncan said...

My three, as already expressed to daveberta, are:

1. Neil Waugh
2. Nancy Macbeth
3. Steve West

daveberta said...

Good Calls by all.

Neil Waugh would be a very interesting pick. He could wear his fishing hat during the Leadership Debates :P

Deb Grey would run a really good race.

Anonymous said...

Deb Grey would be fun.

daveberta said...

yesh, she could tour alberta on her motor cycle! sweet.

Anonymous said...

Robert Mcbean does not have his facts correct!

I never ran for Mayor in any City.

Broconnier merely got upset with PGIB about our billboards.