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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

morton's in

It’s official: Morton throws hat in ring

Foothills-Rockyview MLA confirms he will take a run at replacing Ralph

Doug McIntyre
Wednesday June 08, 2005

Cochrane Times — He’s been touted as a potential heir apparent and now it’s official -- Foothills-Rockyview MLA Ted Morton will seek the leadership of the provincial Progressive Conservative Party after Premier Ralph Klein retires from politics.

“When Premier Klein retires, I definitely intend to seek the leadership and I’ve discussed this with both city and MD councillors, and how this might affect my effectiveness in representing Foothills-Rockyview,” said Morton on Monday.

“The quickest way to get government action on local projects is to be a member of cabinet. I think my leadership efforts will get me into cabinet more quickly. Read the rest here...


Robert McBean. said...

i'm confused about that last sentence. he is running to lose, to broker for a cabinet position? hmmmm

daveberta said...

I agree. For a University Prof, he sure phrased his sentence oddly.

AWGB said...

Really, it's either T-Mort or JimDin.

daveberta said...

So far that's what it seems. I'd see Oberg or Hancock playing the kingmaker (it goes back to the whole rural vs. urban battle).