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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

i must be unparliamentary...

Well, you might have noticed the new template. New and cleaned up for the summer. Goodbye blocky blue template and hello minty white and blue! Enjoy.

I thought I would briefly touch on the interesting evening I had last night. As a staff member at the U of A Students' Union, I thought it would be a good gesture and an interesting expeditionary adventure to attend a Student's Council Meeting at the good ol'e University Hall.

So, the evening was progressing as one would expect a Student's Council meeting to progress when all of a sudden, things began to get slightly (only slightly) more entertaining. All of a sudden, without a moments notice the Speaker of Student's Council, the Honorable Gregory Harlow, threw down the procedural gauntlet and flexed his bulging parliamentary muscles by having an observer thrown out of the Council Chambers.

Fortunately, this observer just happened to be me. Apparently, whispering when the Speaker demands silence is a parliamentary "no-no."

I beg your forgiveness oh benevolent Speaker of the Council. :P

D :)


Senator Catalyst said...


Good to see you back in action!

I like the new template, although I miss the old hay bail (what can I say, once a country boy, always a country boy.)

Anonymous said...

We demand you release the tapes!... Oh sorry, I think I confused this controversy with something else.

Looks good

Zita Dube said...

That was funny.

daveberta said...

yes! I'm back!

I can't wait until the audio of the meeting comes out! I'm going to link the clip of me getting the boot to this blog!

CFAC Library said...

I'll splice and sample it into Cher's "Believe."

daveberta said...