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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

blog of the week: section 15

This week's blog of the week is none other than the awesome blog known as Section 15.

Sec15 is one of our daily reads. Mark's posts are entertaining and insightful as he covers national and international current events.

Make sure to check it out.

D :-)


Mark Richard Francis said...

I blushed!

Or is it just because the only person I've ever banned is anonalogue?


Oxford County Liberals said...

I'd love to endorse this, but for the fact he destroyed my reputation with false photos... and to think he'd do it when I was featuring a baby nephew as the front and center piece... Have you no shame?

v said...

"destroyed my reputation with false photos... "

Hello Mr. Tribe! I have your pictures and am hemming and hawing over which photoshop motif would be apporpirate: Ken Dryden (the resemblance is striking), or Enza SuperModel?

Should you ever again run an article over at by some blogless wingnut offering to pass my family IP around like a nerf football you will make my decision a lot easier! Hahaha!

By offering my family IP to Rabble rejects you put my family at risk and I shall, like Rosie Grier, hit you back with all the love in my heart should you ever experience such a lapse of judgement again!

Silly Liberal! Hahaha!

Zorpheous said...

Oh poor Anonalogue, gee I don't remember Scott running an article to post your IP, although I did. But relax guy, most people don't take you seriously to worry about you. But I guess you still aren't man enough to appoligize to Mark for calling him a liar.

"By offering my family IP to Rabble rejects you put my family at risk"

Oh my little dancing monkey, the only thing a person could do with your IP is block it. If a person is smart enough they can track down our ISP and maybe issue a complaint to the abuse admin about you, and unless they are willing to spend money on a lawyer to get ISP logs and account information about you, you can still happily troll in the obsurity of being a faceless and nameless and gutless little troll that you are. So be happy Anonalogue, your super secret trolling ID is still a secret.

Now here have a banana.

Anonymous said...

Anonalogue: I dont understand your babble at the best of times... but I really would have thought you overly incoherent had not Zorpheous rescued you with a partial explanation of whatever went on, of which this is the first I've ever heard of whatever it was that went on.

I recommend valerian tea to you; its very calming and relaxing.. looks like it wouldnt hurt you to drink a couple cups a day.

daveberta said...

Anon: quit making things up. Just because the monkey under your bed told you so, it doesn't make it okay. Try and remember that the next time you try and burn down your school, eh?

"I recommend valerian tea to you"

I recommend valium.