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Friday, August 05, 2005

daveberta readers rebuke the alberta ndp

The once mighty Alberta NDP-Army flees daveberta.

For Immediate Release
August 5, 2005

Edmonton - In the wake of the recent "Shannon-gate" scandal, daveberta readers have responded in full force.

On Monday, August 1st, Ms. Shannon Phillips, the Communications Director of the Alberta NDP Caucus responded to a recent daveberta post regarding Edmonton Strathcona ND MLA Raj Pannu's rumoured intention to step down in order to make way for Larry Booi to run for the Alberta NDP in a by-election.

Since the "Shannon-gate" fiasco began, daveberta has received many comments and emails in response to Ms. Phillips comment. Many were received after the official daveberta response to Ms. Phillips.

Though the daveberta editorial board does not officially support comments left in said section, in the spirit of open and transparent blogging, included below are reactions from loyal daveberta readers on "Shannon-gate":

Aaron said: "NDP? Who are they? They're from Ontario, right? :P"

Tyler said: "Who ever thought the Alberta NDP could afford to be that smug! Woo Hoo! 4 seats!"

Baghdad Bob said: "I won't believe Raj until he signs a reporter's notebook that says 3 3/4 years!"

Holtopia said
: "The Alberta NDP is definately hiding something..."

Ken said: "I am glad to know the NDP still has many over confident individuals, such as yourself. I would like to assure you personally that although the candidate your party elects may propose many ideas that begin with a dollar sign and end with a lot of zeroes, my candidate will have more than "nice ideas". I already have multiple candidates actively seeking [the Alberta Liberal] nomination, and these are people who believe in education and health care.

I appreciate your suggestion that "the riding association will remain as moribund as it has been for the last few years". Please continue to spread this rumour through your party circles, because it will lead to many of your volunteers staying home, and make my job that much easier.

and finally...

Allie said: ""… if it was simply a chalked up rumour, then why is it even worth a response? Especially from someone as high in up the Alberta NDP echelons as Ms. Phillips?"

"High up in the NDP echelons?" That’s "the most preposterous thing I have heard all day!" With only FOUR MLA’s what on earth is high up anyways? Don’t make me laugh. Ms Phillip’s just has this much time on her hands. Scanning local blog posts for slights against the NDP (a fulltime job in itself I imagine) and responding to them in her trademark "I’m better and know more than you" fashion. It’s exactly this type of response that leads people to dismiss the NDP as anything but serious.

Someone catch Ms Phillips before she falls off her chair.

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Anonymous said...

Quite the circle jerk... Since Allie was the last to respond does that mean she has to eat the soggy Oreo?

Anonymous said...

Sorry... forgot the whole 'jj' and ':p" thing...

AWR said...

I think our last election spoke volumes as to where Alberta is headed in the next provincial election or BY the one after that: towards the Alberta Liberals.

The problem that the Alberta NDP has is that its program, as seen on their website, is almost an exact carbon copy of the things the Alberta Liberals are putting into place. For Albertans, who are anything but left-wing or socialist or anti-corporate, the Alberta Liberal program therefore is a safer bet than casting one's vote for the local NDP candidate.

In fact, the Alberta Liberal program is one that ensures future prosperity and sustainability (something that Klein's PC party is not doing anything about), and with the NDP's tendencies to harm big business and corporations, Albertans will never give them more than 4-odd seats.

So, who cares if there is a rumour that one of their MLA is considering retirement?

daveberta said...

tony: Like I commented to Rick, the trick is to not take my posts too seriously. ;-)

"So, who cares if there is a rumour that one of their MLA is considering retirement?"

Exactly. By responding in the manner she did, Shannon was basically asking for these comments. You don't see Rod Love commenting on blogs that talk about Klein's retirment.

Anonymous said...

I know Dave, as long as you don't take my posts to seriously... but it was pretty savage little rivalry you guys have going on there. Just seems odd with the 35 yr, old Blue and Orange Elephant in the room.

Anonymous said...


I have a problem with your argument that...

"I think our last election spoke volumes as to where Alberta is headed in the next provincial election or BY the one after that: towards the Alberta Liberals."

While the Alberta Liberal Party made significant seat gains it was the 3rd straight election in which fewer people voted Liberal.

1993 - 392,899 (39.7%)
1997 - 309,748 (32.8%)
2001 - 276,854 (27.3%)
2004 - 261,737 (29.3%)

I think that has to remain an area of concern for the Alberta Liberals - and I wouldn't exactly be beaming with confendence that a breakthrough is immiment. Although the election was a reversal of fourtunes, I wouldn't be so rosey just yet, it will still be a long road to travel... and a lot obviously depends on Klein's successor.

AWR said...

Tony, I am aware of that, but these numbers only attest to the general voter apathy, that's all. Fewer people voting also means fewer people voting for the PC party.

But let's not forget one crucial indicator: Kevin Taft, leader of the Alberta Liberals, got more votes than any other candidate, including Klein (who almost lost his seat by approx. 2,000 votes!!!!).

Anonymous said...

"You don't see Rod Love commenting on blogs that talk about Klein's retirment."


Anonymous said...

Well hopefully your a better translator than a poltical analysist because that Taft thing isn't even worth commentating on.

Anonymous said...

Is Rod Love the one with bowtie?

daveberta said...

I don't think that any opposition party in Alberta can take anything for granted or be smug about results. The ND's got around 9% of the vote in the last election with the Liberals getting 29%. Both parties obviously need to work on their popular vote if they want to form anything more than opposition caucuses.

But, at the end of the day, I believe people are only going to remember that the Alberta Liberals got 16 seats and the ND's 4.

Tony: Rod Love is the guy with the cool mustache.

Anonymous said...

I love that 'stache!

ricky said...

Looks like you boys in daveberta are having some fun. I know some of my NDP folks take things a wee bit seriously some times, me I laugh a lot.

Hey is daveberta a drag name?

Just Kidding ; )

Anonymous said...


I think Werner's point is that Taft's personal support may well translate into greater province-wide support for the Alberta Liberals. He's no Nancy MacBeth, and that's a good thing.


As for Shannon's dipstick (pun intended) comment that started all this--it's fairly common knowledge that Raj probably won't run again--and it wouldn't be a surprise if he stepped down sooner. Any speculation on who's going to run for the various parties in Edm.-Strathcona next time around?

Anonymous said...


"He's (Kevin Taft) no Nancy MacBeth, and that's a good thing."

Well Harper is no Stockwell Day, and that's a good thing... and yet... (do I need to finish that thought?)

Sorry for the zinger, but I'm just not sure that Taft is the proper leader for Alberta (esp. for the over-represented rural areas). At least his comment on the budget were shorter (and more tolerable to listen to) than Nicols...