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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

mtv ad's banned by us gov't

Thanks to the always cool and attentive daveberta readership for passing these images our way.

We're not sure if this has hit the MSM yet, but apparently, these are clips from a MTV commercial that were recently banned by the US Government.

According to the email, they only aired once before the strong arm of the US Government took them down.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

We haven't heard anything else about this issue, but they make some pretty bold and strong statements.

So, either it's a hoax, or it just hasn't hit the MSM yet. Does anyone know? Thoughts? Comments?

UPDATE: Geoff over at What the Deuce? has written his take on this.


Anonymous said...

To the nation of Daveberta,

As I stated following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, you are either with the American people or against us. America strives to protect the freedom and security of citizens and to encourage other nations of the world to do so.

I am requesting you remove such accusations from your blog or you will be classified as a rogue nation that not only supports terrorists, but are terrorists themselves.

Don't mess with Texas,

With much disdain,

George W. Bush

Anonymous said...

oh shit. Now you're REALLY in trouble, dave.

geoff said...

Unbelievable. I almost hope this is fake, as it seems too rediculous -- even for Bush. How the government would even imagine they'd get past a First Amendment court battle is beyond me.

In any event, my take on it.

The Dew Line said...

Great ad. If the U.S. government did force it off the air, does that mean Bush et al aren't with us in the fight against hunger and poverty? And, following that same "logic," does that mean that they are for poverty and hunger?

Jest askin'.

daveberta said...

Dear President Bush,

Bring it on, bitch.

El Presidente Dave.

Anonymous said...

I guess only the Republican party is allowed to use 9/11 pictures in their ads. :P

AWGB said...

I'm sort of leaning towards the hoax end of the spectrum. I'll email and see if they've heard about it.

daveberta said...

Let me know how it turns out, Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Americans,

Today, I have ordered the armed forces to enact Operation Invincible Liberty against the lowly republic of Daveberta - an open supporter of terrorists. The image is SHOCKing and will leave you in AWE. Freedom will fight on against tyranny and terror!

God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

This Dan Rather reporting for Cournton, capital of Daveberta. Us forces have begun their aerial assault and the power is unquestionable.
Earlier tonight...

Back to the studio

Anonymous said...

Hi there guys!

Geraldo Rivera here, imbeded with the 451st Airbore Division of the 7th Calvary. We've just completed our air assult, and we've landed in the Noier Region of Daveberta, which is in the Northern quadtrent of the country that's just adjacent to the small, yet firesome nation of Catal.

It's a little too dark to tell exactly what's happening here. But I do know that we've just crossed a mid-sized river. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was flowing east. I'll get back to you once I'm able to confirm our precise co-ordinates.

Geraldo out....

Justin said...

I was just curious where you found those images?

Anonymous said...

Tom Tucker here reporting from the war ravaged Republic of Daveberta, where Davebertan forces have just routed the American Christian Infadels.

The Ministry of National Defence and Social Housing spokesperson has declared that ulimate victory against the "paper tiger American aggressors" is only a matter of time.

Tom Tucker, Quahog 5 News reporting from Daveberta.

Back to you in studio, Diane.

daveberta said...

wow. things are really heating up here in Daveberta. Fortunatly, US troops have been pushed out of the capital city.

Justin: A lovely daveberta reader emailed it our way.

Send us an email and we can email you the entire slideshow.


El Presidente Dave
Responding from the Presidential Bunker.

AWGB said...


Maybe it wasn't a hoax. One news source picked it up HERE (scroll down).

Nothing comes up in a google news search on the subject. The story seems to come from July 1st.

ricky said...

Okay daveberta,

fess up, I saw the information minister for Iraq try to pull this stunt off before.

Don't you do it. Have you really pushed the American troops out of the city.

Pictures are needed!

Good luck if you need it!

daveberta said...

"Maybe it wasn't a hoax. One news source picked it up HERE (scroll down).

Nothing comes up in a google news search on the subject. The story seems to come from July 1st."

weird. I guess not much as made of the issue down there. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

the images were posted by Isla***
extremist website to incite the local people against its own government.