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Thursday, April 06, 2006

kennedy in edmonton.

This popped into my email account this morning.

Liberal leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy will be talking to students this Friday from 3:30 to 5:00 in LC101 (law centre - see link for a map) at the U of A. This is a great opportunity for youth to network and meet with a man who could very well be Prime Minister of Canada within the next few years.

Kennedy is a former U of A student and founded the Edmonton food bank in 1983. He has over a decade of elected political experience, most recently as Ontario Education Minister.

If you can attend, please RSVP to

I won't be able to make it, as I'm going to lovely Canmore for the weekend, but any daveberta readers go, make sure to comment and let me know how it went.


Anonymous said...

Kennedy showing up at the University that he dropped out of before completing a degree - what a sad way to launch his leadership bid.

Pathetic to think someone can aspire to be Leader of the Liberal prty when they did not have the committment and dedication to finish their education (ever hear of night school or summer school Gerard?)

calgarygrit said...

Yeah, it is pathetic that Gerard felt his time would be better spent helping to feed thousands of people , than by studying 17th century classics.

The only real question is which candidate's supporters decided to do this drive by smear...

Gauntlet said...

Yeah, that seems kinda blatant. Of course, there's nothing preventing us from doing the same thing, so let's race to the bottom!

Anonymous said...

good to see Gerard in e-town! He along with Dion are the cream of the crop. I also like Ignatieff and I think he adds a lot to the campaign.

The rest of the group, Dryden, Rae, and etc.., are ok, but hopefully they won't make it very far.

Anonymous said...

I would take the education of Gerard Kennedy over Micheal Ignatieff anyday. The work Gerard has done to make the lives of people in Canada better cannot be measured by a piece of paper, as many of us know the real education begins and is realized by what we contribute to society long after our post secondary years pass us by. The years Mr.Ignatieff spent walking the halls of Harvard and streets of America, are the same last few decades that Gerard Kennedy spent listening, and helping people by giving himself to provide a better life in the streets and hallways of Canada with selfless service. This is something that Mr.Ignatieff cannot measure up to and where is he really lacks a true education and experince, this is not the person for Liberal Leader! Gerard Kennedy is an example for Mr. Ignatieff to learn from, but in a the years such education would take, it would be difficult for Mr Ignatieff achieve since in a few short years he will be eligible for his American Pension!

Jim said...

All I can say is that Gerard Kennedy, so far, is the only guy who actually makes the possibility of me voting for the Federal Liberals fathomable, but I'll have to learn more about him before I commit. I'd love to go to this, but unfortunately I'm impossibly swamped with schoolwork this weekend.

c-lo said...


I think you need to do some more research on Ignatieff. To suggest he has spent his time in lecture halls is a gross misrepresentation. He has entered war-torn areas to learn and describe the atrocities of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Furthermore, he has not spent that much time in the US.

S.K. said...

Kennedy will be the toast of Edmonton, as he should be. Go Gerard. Mr. Ignatieff will be a pale academic posing as a politician or someone whose done anything for Canada, in comparison. I too an much more impressed with Kennedy's actions and experience than Mr. Ignatieff's words or pieces of paper.

Anonymous said...

I do not see why people need to demean their opponents.

Guys/girls...these are great times to be a Liberal. To have a man of the caliber of Dion, a man of the caliber of Igantieff, a man of the caliber of Kennedy, each with their own distinct experiences, vye for the leadership of our party is the best thing that has happened to us in almost 40 years.

To top it off, you have people like Dhalla, and Dryden as second line. Not to mention the likes of Anne or Goodale who unfortunately are not running.

This shows depth. This shows a party that is solid, that is strong, that is healthy. As Dion has said, don't make this a war between liberals. This is a process to select a leader to battle the agenda of right.