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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

may is now more than a month.

- Elizabeth May is the new Leader of the Green Party of Canada. The former Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada should shake things up on the Canadian federal scene. Should be interesting to see which direction she takes the Green's in toward the next Federal Election.

I really think the Greens are the ones to watch at both the Federal and Alberta political level (as I mentioned here).

- This is an interesting campaign by Lakehead University. Though I was very surprised that an institution would try something this risqe, it is certainly generating the attention it was meant to.

- Federal Liberal leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy is calling for national educational standards.

- Now you can buy "A whale of a day at Marineland with Albina and John!" woot?

I didn't think so.

- "truthliness" and "wikiality" are the new "TV Words of the Year."


Unknown said...

It has been noted that May's election will reinforce the perception that the GPC is a one issue party. Which would undue all the hard work that Jim Harris did to re-cast the party as more multi-faceted and mainstream.

I don't know if May's election will have that effect, but it is certainly the danger.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Elizabeth May leading teh Green Party. I met her a couple of years ago and I think she'll do great. I heard she's going to run in a Cape Breton riding in Nova Scotia. I wonder if she'll actually be able to pull it off and win a seat there. How strong are the Greens in NS?