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Monday, September 18, 2006

aupe leader resigns.

AUPE President Dan MacLennan is resigning as the leader of Alberta's largest union...

President of Alberta's largest union resigns

Dan MacLennan is quitting as head of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE), marking the end of an era for the province's biggest union.

MacLennan announced Monday that he will be taking a job with Calgary's Bantrel Constructors Co.
Though there have long been rumours about McLennan seeking public office, but recent rumours hint that MacLennan may be seeking a nomination in the next provincial election... could it be with Kevin Taft's Alberta Liberals?


Anonymous said...

Which riding do those rumours mention? Spill the beans! We want completely unsubstantiated dirt!

Ken Chapman said...

He is going to work for Bantrel Construction - big Calgary based group who do lots of oils sands work.

Dan has (had?) political aspirations. He look seriously at Edmonton East for the federal LIberals last time. He may be looking at a provincial LIberal or even a PC run depending on who ends up being the leaders in each party. Time will tell.

michael in calgary said...

McLennan would be a great addition to Kevin Taft's official opposition. Though he's been chummy with some tories in the past, I don't think Dan would feel very comfortable in the Alberta Tory caucus, no matter the leader.

Jim said...

Can we swap Dan Backs for Dan MacLennan in the Alberta Liberal caucus? Pleeeeaase?