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Monday, September 11, 2006

making a run for the border...

According to the good folks at Public Eye Online, two Alberta Tory leadership candidates are and have been making fundraising pitches due west of Alberta. Ted Morton and Jim Dinning have been spotted pitching for cash in British Columbia.

Ted Morton is holding a $1,500 a table fundraiser at the posh Hyatt Regency on Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver on September 22.

Morton's event is being promoted by Byng Giraud of Earnscliffe Strategy Group Inc. The Earnscliffe group shared very close political connections with former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin and formerly employed Liberal campaign strategists Scott Reid and David Herle.

Jim Dinning was reported to have been "schmoozing at a pricey $250 per ticket fundraiser for his campaign at Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar. The event was apparently attended by "a who's who from the downtown Tory crowd." Public Eye Online also points out the appearance of Jim Dinning's strong corporate BC backers which include Finning Canada.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Now I understand what incest is.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Earnscliffe provides Morton the same type of excellent strategic advice that they gave to Paul Martin.

As an aside, does Ted like beer and/or popcorn?

Anonymous said...

Why are they campaigning in BC? Should they be allowed to take money from BC businesses? If Alberta partisan leadership races had any accountability or transparency, they would not allow candidates to take donations from outside the province in provincial races. The Alberta tories are just the same as the Chretien Liberals, they'll take money from anyone.

Anonymous said...

How will the BC connections play into winning the race? Why should outside money be able to influence who our premier will be? I think tories in BC should butt out.

Anonymous said...

Fancy Dancy Toronto Dinning!