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Friday, September 15, 2006

mla leaps off 29-story building.

Edmonton Rutherford MLA and Liberal Finance Critic Rick Miller took the plunge this week and rappelled down the side of the 29-story Sutton Place Hotel in downtown Edmonton.

Why would anyone do this you say? For charity of course! At final count, Miller raised $2,314 for the Alberta Easter Seals - beating his target goal of $2,000.

Not only is Rick Miller one of the most effective Liberal MLA's, but he is for sure now one of the coolest.

On another note, it looks like Alberta PC leadership candidate Dave Hancock and I agree about the topic of my previous posts. The Edmonton Journal also has a decent editorial on Ted Morton and Jim Dinning's out-of-province fundraising for their Tory leadership bids.


Jim said...

Jesus, I feared the worst when I read the headline and the first few words of this article. Phew.

Anonymous said...

that's terrific! Doing a thing like that for a great cause!

Nastyboy said...

29 stories is a warm up. But it's always good to see MLA's do some good work for charity.

Anonymous said...

Good on Rick Miller! That's a great thing to do! (a little crazy, but for a good cause!)