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Saturday, March 24, 2007

jim who?

Oh yeah, that guy...

Defeated former Tory Dauphin-child Jim Dinning released a list of the names of individuals and corporations who contributed to his failed Alberta PC leadership bid in Fall 2006.

Though it's only a partial list that doesn't specify individual contribution amounts, it's a huge list that totals over $1.7 million in donations to Team Dinning.


Anonymous said...

$1.7 million. wow, what a fundraising machine. How much to Stelmach raise?

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard than Dinning raises considerably more than $2 million. He was running for nearly two years unoffically for office and raised just $1.7 million. Stelmach raised $1.1 million in just six months. Ask Hal Danchilla how much they raised in Edmonton. A paltry sum less than $300,000. And by the way if any one remembers, in 1992, Premier Klein released his donour list with an actual contribution attached to each man. This a typical Dinning campaign cop-out, just like their costing document and just like their vague policies.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is moot, since he did not win. But I suspect the real number was considerably higher, since he had been running for the position for much longer than a year. I suspect the $1.7 million is just since Ralph announced his resignation. The amount of money Dinning spent on advertising ALONE I suspect is $1.7 million.

But again, issue is moot.

Anonymous said...

$1.7 million must only include contributions over the 8 month "official" run as insiders within the Dinning camp have indicated that well over $5 million was raised over the duration.