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Thursday, April 26, 2007

walk for darfur.

A good friend of mine who is crazy - but passionate - asked me to post about this walk he's doing...

Hey Everyone,

This Sunday, April 29th, Churchill Square, 5-7pm!

Help stop a Genocide!

Rally for the people of Darfur!

Walking from Calgary to Edmonton, 20 people have marched, to raise awareness and demand that action be taken to bring an end to the slaughter of innocent people in Darfur.
Speaking in schools, universities, on radio and television and arriving at Churchill Square at 5pm this Sunday to call on Governments to take swift action to halt the Genocide.

Let your voice be heard!

Join us, for the people of Darfur.
For more info, go to

From the shoulder of Highway 2 northbound,

Daniel Eggert


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a worthy project. Get some more exposure on the issue, as it has been quiet as of late in the media.

Makes me think back to when Canadian oil company Talisman was pressured to exit Sudan. They eventually did, under public pressure, and the Chinese bought their investment.

I highly doubt that the Chinese have been better advocates for peace for the people of the region than the Canadians would have been, had they still been there.

It is sad really. And hard not to be cynical. But Western countries - with their Juedo-Christian tradition - get chastised for "oppression" of Islamic people. Yet when the reverse occurs - Muslim oppression of the Christian and animist (& black versus Arab) - the world is noticeably more silent.

Nastyboy said...

I saw them around Leduc. I saw a few people limping but they all seemed to be in good spirits.

hatrock said...

Liberals -- let's walk for the massacre in Darfur, but let's vote to pull out of Afghanistan. Okay, good thinking there.