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Saturday, April 28, 2007

windy calgary.

Well, it's been a very busy week in the life of daveberta. I'll be away from the blogging world over the next week, so expect double the fun when return.

I'll leave you all on a couple of windy Calgary notes with this, this, and this.


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Anonymous said...

Robert Remington follows the same playbook as any city columnist. His focus is on the City of Calgary, and that is about as far as his perception extends. Also, even if he were inclined (which I doubt), he can't support Stelmach against Bronco because then he is out of the loop on city news. He also follows the same well-worn track "Stelmach's government can't understand the pulse of Calgary because they are largely rural". Forgetting for a moment that Sprice Grove, Sherwood Park, St. Alberta, etc. would not agree with that moniker, what is to understand? Big city -> people moving in -> need more money.

And despite getting more cash than any other municipality, Bronco wants more. Mathematically, it is expressed thus:

If M = total amount spent in budget, and
C = Calgary's proportion of the total, and
B = equals what Bronco thinks he deserves, then it follows

(M x C) < B for all values of C

And Remington would prefer that Ed was more like Ralph (arriving late, throwing a few off-colour jokes and kicking Bronco in the ass). [I can only agree with the latter.] Instead, Ed arrives early, and is one of the last to leave.