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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

daveberta does edmonton city hall.

Yesterday afternoon, I crashed the swearing-in ceremony of the 2007-2010 Edmonton City Council. Here is the documentation.

The crowded hall.

Newly elected Ward 4 City Councillor Ben Henderson is sworn-in.

The first meeting of Edmonton City Council following the swearing-in ceremony.

Newly elected Ward 5 City Councillor Don Iveson in his new digs.

Don Iveson and myself on the temple-like steps of City Hall.

I also took some video footage of Don Iveson's being sworn-in as one of Ward 5's City Councillors.


Anonymous said...

Dave, do you know how the seating assignment is chosen? I was surprised to see Don Iveson and Amarjeet Sohi out on the far left (ok, maybe it's appropriate from a political standpoint). It seems like it isn't based on seniority or alphabet. Just curious.

daveberta said...

I'm not sure how the seating arrangement is decided, but I'm pretty sure that it's the same as the previous council (with Don sitting where Nickel did, Amarjeet sitting where Cavanagh did, Ben where Phair sat, and Caterina where Melnychuk sat).

Anonymous said...

Check this out, the official results are in. Never let it be said that the advance polling stations do not matter. In Ward 6 Amarjeet Sohi wracked up a 1000 vote lead over Chinwe Okelu via the advance poll (#691).

Anonymous said...

robert mcbean said...

hey, how come you're not wearing a tie at city hall? have you no respect for our institutions?

Anonymous said...

The mayor sets the seating arrangement doesn't he?

daveberta said...

No respect indeed.

Anonymous said...

No, Caterina is sitting where Nickel used to sit (must be the official "right-wing" seat). Henderson is sitting where Phair used to sit. Sohi is sitting where Cavanagh used to sit. So that means Iveson must be sitting where Melnychuk used to sit (I think). But he's definitely not sitting where Nickel used to sit. I know the City Clerk is somehow involved with the seat selection -- given that most are in their old places, maybe they haven't done a new seating plan for the new sitting. They usually like to put new people next to veterans, so I don't think the three new councillors who are currently together will stay that way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, anon.

If someone has time to spend on this completely useless fact, please find it because it is now going to bother me.